FGC Splyce's FChamp talks about the future of the FGC and if he'd ever stop competing with Capcom games

CyanEsportsCyanEsports 2017-09-15 19:28:19

Ryan ‘Filipino Champ’ Ramirez is one of the most notorious members of the FGC. Having battled his way to prominence early in the 2010's, FChamp snowballed his unique personality and top tier play into a permanent place amoungst the North American Greats of the FGC.

Sometimes polarizing, sometimes controversial, FChamp has proven to be a stalwart and persistent competitor in all things Capcom. After experiencing great success with Marvel vs Capcom 3, Ramirez is looking to the future, awaiting the release of Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite, ready to pull out all the stops and tear through the competition. Of course, FChamp continues to compete at the highest level of Street Fighter V and the Capcom Pro Tour as well.

I had the chance to talk to Filipino Champ at the Bud Light Living Room CPT stage at Dreamhack Montreal, discussing the future of the FGC, and where he sees himself within it.


0:27 – Is this your first time in Montreal? How often do you visit Canada?

2:10 – The stage around us is amazing, can you describe it for the listners?

3:10 – What’s it like to be a part of a huge organization like Splyce?

4:10 – How did you come to be involved with Bud Light?

5:43 – What’s it like to see the FGC grow up and cultivate these relationships with these huge mainstream brands?

8:00 – Are you ever worried about the FGC and its gains in popularity being dwarfed by some of the other huge esports scenes?

9:50 – There are a lot of games in the FGC vying for popularity. Do you think there’s a game that can claim #2 spot in the FGC and give SFV a run for its money?

11:36 – How do you decide what games you want to play and compete in?

13:26 – Is there anything that could happen to push you away from Capcom or pull you towards another developer’s games?

14:50 – Do you have any advice to the up and coming players who are trying to make their mark on the FGC?

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