FGC Justin Wong: ‘I do really miss the arcade feeling, its one of those things that we definitely have lost in the FGC’

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Look up a picture of ‘FGC veteran’ in the dictionary, and you’ll see a picture of Justin Wong. One of the first fighting game players to rise as a name and a brand in and of himself, Wong’s journey through the FGC began in an age when fighting games were still based in the arcade environment. Through the FGC’s rise, Justin battled with the best of the best, rising through tournaments and becoming one of the players who everyone would expect to see in the top finishers of any given event. Now a member of the titanic team Echo Fox, Justin remains a staple figure of SFV and will surely cement his place in the new Marvel vs Capcom Infinite scene.

The scene is ever changing though. With new sponsors, higher viewership, and more opportunities cropping up in the FGC almost constantly, there is perhaps nobody better to analyze the state of the FGC than perennial veteran Justin Wong.


0:37 – Have you done anything fun in the city of Montreal yet?

1:20 – We’re here on the Bud Light living room stage, can you describe for the listeners what our surroundings look like?

2:11 – You’ve been a part of Bud Light’s esports adventure for a little while now. Tell me how you came to be involved with this?

3:24 – Are you ever concerned that the FGC is being overshadowed by some of the bigger/more popular esports titles?

4:48 – What are your personal expectations for the Dreamhack Montreal CPT tournament?

5:45 – What are your thoughts on the CPT system? There are so many events, this weekend alone is triple booked right?

8:10 – Would you prefer the brackets for the various events to be constantly stacked and have a constant war every weekend, or is it better for you to have lots of events that pull all the FGC talent to different areas?

9:31 – How do you see the new blood that’s rising in the FGC right now? Is there anybody who stands out in your mind who could be the Justin Wong of the next decade?

12:12 – Do you think that these PR lessons are easier for people to learn now?

13:28 – The FGC has a unique history of arcades and face to face interaction. Do you think the FGC is losing that culture as online play becomes more common and more popular?

15:26 – Do you think that you could/would ever fill the role of an FGC ambassador rather than a competitor?

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