Starcraft Probe concerned for Protoss but says new patch will ultimately be fine: 'I think the Mothership core removal is the right move'

CyanEsportsCyanEsports 2017-09-22 17:49:02

Sean "Probe" Kempen had a breakout 2017 in the WCS Circuit. The Australian player joined the NA team Root Gaming as a part of a partnership between Root and the tournament organizer Oceanic StarCraft 2 Championship (OSC). At the time, Probe was recognized as an up and comer, but he was still largely unknown. It wasn’t until WCS Austin when Probe established himself as a true force in SC2 with a top 16 finish at the event.

Since then, Probe has been hunting for that next big finish at a WCS LAN event. Always analytical, always intelligent, I had the opportunity to chat with Probe at WCS Montreal, moments after the tournament wrapped up.


0:30 – This year was huge for you. What were your expectations heading into WCS 2017, and did you meet all of those expectations?

1:26 – You recently joined Legacy Esports after leaving Root OSC. Talk about the team transitions you’ve been through this year.

2:45 – As an Australian on an Australian team, how do you feel about the state of Australia’s SC2 scene these days?

4:40 – You run your own LAN tournaments. Australia feels unique in its grass roots efforts, talk about running your own event in the Aussie scene.

7:00 – As the most recent player to break out from the ANZ region, is there anyone who you think could break out next?

8:17 – There are some big changes being planned for the balance of SC2. What are your thoughts on the planned changes.

9:40 – Do you think these changes will fit your playstyle?

10:11 – What are your personal expectations for WCS 2018?

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