LoL SHC - WeWillFailer Out, Yerrow In

RichardLewisRichardLewis 2014-06-24 20:11:24

It seems that Supa Hot Crew have decided to make a change to their bottom lane again by bringing in Raymond "Yerrow" Tsang as a replacement for Bram "WeWillFailer" de Winter. The decision comes after de Winter replaced Maxime "Migxa" Poinssot just last month.

The move seems quite a perplexing one after the organisation made quite a fanfare about the addition of de Winter, who even featured in a Riot created video about his return to the top flight of League of Legends. Having been so close to involvement in top teams in the past, it seemed that this time he had finally landed on his feet. However he was unable to attend LCS Wembley prompting his team to take Tsang and the player made a very good impression on the squad.

The move might seem especially odd on the surface given that the stand-in support turned in an adequate performance at LCS Wembley but didn't particularly stand out in their games.

Sources close to the team say that this was a team decision and that some questioned the dedication of de Winter long term. The team have had a much improved season this time around and are currently sat mid-table in the European LCS. Whether this change will cement that position will remain to be seen. An official announcement about the change is expected later today.

I have to question your commitment to League of Legends Esports if you think that that "yerrow" supahot crews substitute made a mere adequate showing. Reddit in particular was quite abuzz with his performance on Nami, arguing that while wewillfailers game knowledge and strategy is particularly impressive, that yerrow showed up big mechanically, minus a few missteps that could easily be attributed to his first lcs game with supahot crew being played at wembley arena.
Could it possibly be him that leaked out SHC's strategies with the nocturne mid pick and that could be the reason why they chose to kick him out for good? It's kinda suspicious they call out they know who leaked their shit, without saying names and then suddenly replacing wewillfailer few days afterwards.

edit: nvm it was febiven/h2k
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