LoL Potential new challenger team featuring Alex Ich, KaSing and Impaler.

HowspiffingHowspiffing 2014-10-05 17:19:34

The recently released Raymond 'KaSing/Yerrow' Tsang and Matt 'Impaler' Taylor could be joining forces with former NiP mid laner Alexey 'Alex Ich' Ichetovkin to create a challenger team for the upcoming expansion tournament. The rest of the lineup features Mohammed 'Jebus' Karim Tokhi, and Etienne 'Steve' Michels.

Today the players formed a team on the ladder named 'Oritura Sum' meaning 'I will rise' in Latin. As of the time of posting they just completed their first game.

Alex Ich recently revealed on facebook that he was a free agent and would like to create a team for an organization willing to handle his visa issues. Meanwhile Jebus was on the previous NiP lineup that now seems to have disbanded, Steve was on a team with Yerrow previously called 'Steve Bakes Cookies' and the 2 former Supa Hot Crew players both expressed a desire to continue playing.

The expansion tournament will feature 7 teams from the ranked 5's ladder, 4 from EUW and 4 from EUNE (4th from each server fights for the final spot) and with just under 1 month until the ladder locks, there is plenty of time for the team to reach the required spots.

EDIT - Impaler has since confirmed the team is indeed legitimate on his facebook page.

Poor Fresh...
Also, i dont even understand why yerrow is in this team, he was playing really bad in LCS.
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