LoL Genja retiring from Gambit Gaming, replaced by Krislund?

DreXxiNDreXxiN 2014-08-25 17:40:56

Potentially closing out his career with a 3-1 blow to the opposition during super week with Gambit Gaming, we've received word that Genja may be stepping down from the team.

Image courtesy of Lolesports.

Known for his questionable yet sometimes brilliant builds and methods of playing the game, Evgeny 'Genja' Andryushin is an iconic player, having been with the team since the prestigious days of Moscow 5.  Sources close to the player claim that he finds the format is exhausting and that he wishes to retire.  Throughout his career with Gambit Gaming, Genja has acquired three first place finishes in major and premier tournaments, helping the team become heralded as a realistic international threat to eastern teams throughout their international performances at events such as Intel Extreme Masters.

Rumored to step into the shoes of the former Russian marksman, as we've heard from a source close with the player that chooses to remain anonymous, is Danish AD carry Kristoffer 'Krislund' Pedersen. The player's most recent involvement in League of Legends eSports was with GSI Gaming. 

With fresh blood, Gambit Gaming hopes to fight for their chance to remain in the European LCS.  The team finished 7th overall in the 2014 European LCS Summer Split and will be preparing to defend their spot against the challenger scene in the upcoming promotion tournament.


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