LoL Dignitas set to pick up Core and Gamsu?

HowspiffingHowspiffing 2014-11-16 00:46:15

As the season draws closer the roster changes are ramping up. According to our sources, Team Dignitas are set to announce their lineup soon which features Noh 'Gamsu' Yeong-Jin and Jo 'Core' Yong-In.

The players flew in a couple of days ago according to team owner Michael 'Odee' O'Dells Twitter updates and the organization plans to announce the new acquisitions later today.

Core was the AD Carry for Bigfile Miracle and will be brought in to replace Imaqtpie who stepped down recently, while Gamsu was a subsitute for Samsung Galaxy Blue and joined the Korean team at Worlds this year. Vasilli and Seraph were also linked to the vacant spots but those rumours were either untrue or discussions seem to have broken down.

Provided these are the players Dignitas will be acquiring, their lineup for the 2015 season will look like this:

Gamsu - Top

Crumbzz - Jungle

Shiphtur - Mid

Core - AD Carry

Kiwikid - Support

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