2013-12-07 13:09:30

Need volunteers for a huge project in the UK

Hey guys TheSmallGuy here, Something huge is rumbling up in the UK League of Legends scene. A lot of us got together to discuss what we could do to boost eSports in the UK. We thought more tournaments, more LANs, bigger prize pools, giveaways... We then came to a decision to take things into our own hands. We are going to be running a UK league over 4 months with the finals to be held at a venue based in/near London. The majority of the League will be online based with the finals offline. 6 teams will be invited, 4 teams will qualify. Starting in January, 2 days a week the top teams in the UK will play off for a chance to win a hefty sum of money thanks to our sponsors. (Can't give much away sorry) Right now, we are looking for volunteers. We need staff to help us achieve some of our ambitious goals. This will be quite a lot of hard work and perseverance and I know that a lot of people would want to be compensated for the effort they put in. I cannot make any promises as of yet however, if the future looks bright, maybe..just maybe we will all be rewarded. We are currently a team that is motivated with the vision we all see of this project becoming. We're asking you to be part of it. So what are we looking for? Cameramen: Able to travel to London to record a short video with own gear. (A camera, Microphone etc.) Video Editors: Able to create, from clips past on to you, high quality edited video as the final product. Work alongside cameramen and one other to help piece together the video. Editors will also be required to watch games and grab fast highlight clips for post stream and youtube. We ask our video editors to be skilled in Adobe premiere and After effects preferably. Right now these are top on our list. If you wish to apply just drop me a tweet on @TheSmallGuy_ I'll be sure to get back to you as soon as possible. Just a bit of info, if you can travel to London easily we would appreciate your help. With that said, travelling will be a one off thing as most of the League is online. Thank you for taking your time to read this. I hope to see you part of the next big thing in the UK. Contact: twitter: @TheSmallGuy_ ....Or PM me on esportsheaven.com
Good luck Talha! <3
are you...stalking me? :P
Good luck buddy! Looks like an awesome project!
Good luck mate, hope it works out!
Sounds like an awesome idea! hope I can get a decent UK team together to participate.
seems like a good idea but isn't 4 months a bit too long? dunno just a thought.
Excited for this and I hope it works out. Really interesting idea.
Good luck pal.
Good luck, sounds like this could be the beginning of something!
I'm guessing this is going to be for the teams that don't reach the Challenger Leagues? I would also think you should wait for the annoucement from RIOT because if a UK team was to do very well and then be able to qualify for the Challenger League, you effectively lose a team so you'd have to work alongside RIOT on this one.
hi talha good luck u r kewl
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