2014-01-06 14:04:20

Looking for dota team

Name: Cesco
Position: 3
From: Sweden

basically im just looking for a team, serious or not it doesn't really matter. I want a team to play some
CM. Ive been playing since first dota and some HoN as well, some night cups and stuff. Im not sure what skill i am, but my rating is 4700 if that matters. Easiest way is to find it out yourself.

Steam: CescOoO
or just casual MM!
I am looking for a team or group to play with, I'm fairly high level and usually carry my team during regular play. I watch a lot of esports and also have my own esports blog which I invite you all to visit.
Just send me a message if you wanna hook up for some games. =)
It did not properly work, feel free to pop me a message here!
Just Visiting