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[CoD4 hunTy0 Goodbye Movie Contest]READ READ READ!!!!

Hello Boys its so long Time ago and i like a Last Movie from myself about the good old Cod4 days so i take a lot of money in my Hand to get good Goodbye Movies

Minimum Length: 5 minutes
Maximum Length: 10 minutes
Music: Free of choice
Game: Call of Duty 4
Just my Demos in the Description
You can use the Fotages and Lan Demos i gave you boys to

The deadline for the contest is in 4 Months from now and will close the 13nd of March 2016, at 20:00 CET. In the week after, all submitted movies will be reviewed on my Homepage:

You can also Message me the results on my

Steam: hunTy0
evolve: hunTy0

This are thre Prizes

1st. 150 Euro over Paypal or Paysave Bank what you prefer 
2nd 100 Euro over Paypal or Paysave Bank what you prefer 

If you Boys have any Questions just pm me on my Homepage: i am always there for you boys :)

Demo Links:

Part1 Demos: 
4Gaming, 4not.AMD, airborne (cgi), AT Cmstorm, Avenue (cgi), CLAN POLAND (cgi), CGF(cgi), DBPAINS (cgm), decerto(cgm), easyquest, ECV, emphaty (cgm)

Part2 Demos:
 eNigma (cgm), Ensox (cgi), Escape (cgm), ESPC (cgm), eSuba (cgi), fm (cgm), H2k (cgi), Herr (LLL cgi), hjx, imex(cgm), imgaming (cgi), insenia (cgm), k1ck (cgm), NorthernSouls (cgm/cgi), phantasmagoria (cgi), pmp (cgi)

Part3 Demos:
 Qnatek (cgm), Rave-on (cgm), Reason (cgm), Redbyte (cgm), Refuse (cgi), rising (cgi), WiLD (cgm /cgi), Snoopy (cgm)

Lan Demos and Pictures:

Streamchannel: Live today 18:30 o clock for speaking about the Contest Just Share this Contest so Strong you can boys :)

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Just Visiting