Sov13t sits down and discusses WGLNA

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With the interesting World of Tanks Global Finals behind us and the quickly approaching WGLNA season 4 gold league on the way. I was able to sit down with with Kirill 'Sov13t' Bondar for a quick discussion about his team FNATIC, Season 4, and WGLNA in general.

Sov13t is currently a member of the North American World of Tanks team FNATIC. (Formally Fulcrum Gaming) and has been since the creation of the team back in season 1.

After the interesting Global Finals, has there been much of a change in roles within Fnatic? Whether it is who is in a Cunningham, Who is calling the battle etc?

Definitely an interesting Global Finals... Heading into the next season of our North American league, our team is naturally looking to rebound from a sub-par performance. While in the off season we have picked up a new player - Militant from team Cunninghams - with his addition we are looking to reinforce our core group, and maintain top positions in the league. As to our exact lineup, we are still shuffling around - but one thing is certain you will see Nagatron being the "battle caller" from now on”

David playing a tier 1? or will still see him and you as battle buddies

At this point in time, the goal is to have David in a tier 1 as it is virtually impossible to maintain a high level of game play while commanding from a tier 8.”

Definitely. In my own team experience our caller could never really do both from a tier 8

It requires a different team composition. Only one team to my knowledge is able to do it at the highest level - and that is Red Rush Unity with their captain Anatolich. However, for such a scheme to work your team has to be built from ground up with a mindset of self-control rather than battle caller calls everything."

Speaking of different teams. Is there any intimidation with the EU teams attempting to invade the NA circuit?

Not intimidated at all, in fact we welcome it and are looking forward for our league to evolve. However, it is a huge risk in my opinion for teams to play with high ping at a professional level. We shall see how they deal with that obstacle.”

For any newer teams Registering for the Leagues this season, Would you offer any advice for them going in? and Do you have any teams peaking your interest from the Pre Season results

Well, the GGWP.PRO team of course has caught our attention. Other than that, we will be closely watching the upcoming qualifiers to study any potential opponents.”

Are you supportive of the community creating content based off the games you play weekly? I know myself for an example took upon the task to analyze season 3 week 1. It exposes some interesting information I could see some teams may want kept secret.

Yes Any content surrounding e sports is great always and forever”

Would Fnatic,ever look into picking up a sub-team for practice and experience?”

Yes and no. :) Yes - we are always looking for serious scrimmage partners that will challenge us to keep improving. No - because there are only a few teams that are able to stick with us - the rest fall behind and it becomes a rather one sided partnership. It is vital for teams to practice against relatively similar skill level teams - especially in World of Tanks - otherwise you get overwhelmed by both tactics and individual skill and you have no idea which requires more attention in order to improve.”

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