LoL Interview with XQ and Pyl, the increasingly dominant bottom duo of LGD

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While riding a slippery slope during the 2014 Spring LPL Split and the beginning of the Summer split, LGD has been steadfastly growing into a strategically and individually strong powerhouse. LGD has acquired new solo laners, a brand new AD Carry to the competitive scene, and a coach to freshen the strategy since the start of the summer split. We talk with the LGD duo of XQ and Pyl about the team's improvements, comparisons to other regions, XQ's attempts to live up to Styz' legacy, and more.

Thank you for taking the time to do this interview. Your team has been on a pretty huge upswing, what's the mentality like within the team?

Pyl: We are happy to make great progress this split but we still have a long road to travel. We must go all out to make greater achievements and we are eager for success and high in spirits. Still, we must be calm down to keep our feet on the ground.

XQ: In general,our mentality is balanced and we've disciplined ourselves to be more and more brave as the match goes on. Everyone in our team is adjusting to the conditions and making progress.

XQ, you had huge shoes to fill by replacing Styz, who was regarded as a great ADC. How nervous were you when being picked up by LGD and how well do you feel you personally filled the role now that some people consider you one of the best carries in China? Pyl, how has it been to support XQ compared to Styz?

Pyl: I've had a lot more synergy and time practicing with STYZ and find him a more aggressive player. STYZ looks to grab leads in early stages of the game. XQ is a newbie who needs more trials to do well with me.

XQ: I've been really nervous with this test. Thanks for everyone's positive comments. I’m struggling to becoming a better carry.

Lots of people always talk about the strength of ADCs in China compared to the rest of the world, but what about the qualities of Chinese bottom lanes as a whole including support? Are there any key differences you feel exist between LPL bot lanes and other regions?

Pyl: LPL’s bot lanes are quite likely to erupt into major wars to achieve advantages in lane. Our play is more aggressive.

XQ: Because lots of players want to carry the team, Chinese bottom lanes are more aggressive than other regions.

(To XQ) Near the beginning of the split you were criticized for being a one-trick pony on Lucian. However, as the split went on, you showed your strength on other carry champions as well. How often do you practice other carries besides Lucian in scrims and solo queue? Did the team have any influence on your picks?

XQ: Actually, I usually use other heroes. My pick depends on the current patch and the team composition.

Have you ever wished you played in a different lane, even if you are very strong as a bottom lane duo?

Pyl: Jungle or Top.

XQ: No,I think I’m suitable for bot lane so I will try my best to play well. I haven’t consider to change my position.

Claims from many western fans that may not regularly watch the Chinese scene cite it as a region that lacks macro strategy. Some examples stated are that vision is poor, teams are overzealous with tower dives, and objective control is lacking. Over the course of the summer split, how much do you think teams within the LPL have grown in terms of strategy and advanced tactics and what might have lead up to the current success?

Pyl: We've been able to study and learn more from the patches (due to catching up more frequently). That has a great influence on our matches and helps us avoid mistakes in the baron pit. Our team’s effort and discussions following every match have lead to our progress.

XQ: In my opinion, everybody is advancing and more experience will only continue to teach us to deal with more situations. The more we discover our deficiencies, the more knowledge we'll have to take an advantage and expand.

Now that your team has sorted out a bit of the underlying consistency issues, especially after your 2-0 defeat over World Elite, where do you predict yourselves in the standings for the next LPL split?

Pyl: Our team is moderate in LPL. I'd predict our rank to be anywhere from 3rd-5th...

XQ: I can’t predict an accurate ranking at the moment. I just hope we can do better to have a higher position next split.

While strong players in your own right, are there any players you look up to from your own or other regions? Additionally, are you simply fans of anyone in particular from Korea or the west?

Pyl: I like Weixiao because I believe his performance is the most stable.

XQ: Faker, he really is a big devil king (the Chinese refer to Faker as the demon king.)

Which Chinese teams do you think have the best shot at Worlds and why?

Pyl: EDG. They’re experienced now and steadily improving.

XQ: EDG. Compared with other teams, EDG’s players individually are at their best and their strength as a team has improved this split.

Are there any things your team likes to do when you aren't training hard or playing in a tournament? (Fun hobbies in your down time, etc?)

Pyl: I like shopping and traveling on vacation.

XQ: I enjoy playing RPG games during my time off.

Once again, thank you for the interview. Is there any shout outs you have or anyone you want to thank to close this out?

Pyl: I’m very appreciative of my team including staff working behind the scenes, my family, and my fans.

XQ: Thanks for the support from LGD’s fans and thanks for everyone's positive attention towards me. We’ll do better and have our own target to shoot for the highest and bring our team honor. I’m grateful to the coach BSYY for his care and the support from my family, which rids me of all my extra worries.I’ll do my best to become the ideal ADC in everybody’s heart.

XQ and Pyl would also like to thank Taobao, Razer, and the rest of their sponsors.



Favorite Food: Sweet meat

Favorite Player: WE.Weixiao

Most memorable Tournament / Match: Actually every match is unforgettable.

Favorite Animal: Dog

Most enjoyable hero: Sona Buvelle

Most annoying hero: the Deathsinger (Karthus)

Biggest fear: OX

Favorite Music: Soft Rock


Favorite Food: Eggplant

Favorite Player: XQ

Most memorable Tournament / Match LPL

Favorite Animal: Dog

Most enjoyable hero: Vayne

Most annoying hero: Syndra

Biggest fear: Small animals

Favorite Music: Good time (?)

**As an additional note, I have confirmed with LGD's staff that XQ is 18, NOT 15 .This means XQ would theoretically be fine for Worlds.

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