OW Mannetens: "...almost every Korean team we have scrimmed could be seen as a top contender in EU/NA."

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Recently, I had a chance to sit down with Team Misfit’s DPS star, Tim "Mannetens" Byhlund. We chat about general life in Korea compared to Sweden and his thoughts on the most recent Roadhog changes.


Congratulations on the win over Afreeca Freecs Red! Zebbosai seemed pretty confident in his interview. Going into the match, how did you think you guys were going to perform?

Thank you! Yeah, we practiced really hard after the loss against Luxury Watch Blue and we improved every day, so we did not expect anything less than a great performance from us.

In the booth, Reinforce seemed to be pretty excited to be playing again. Does he try to amp the team up and keep you all on the emotional straight and narrow?

It’s something we all try to improve on so we can help each other out and keep the morale [high] as a team. Currently, Johnny a.k.a Reinforce is really good at this.

Dialing it back a bit, all the players on Misfits hail from Sweden. How is life in Korea compared to Sweden?

It’s not too different. I play Overwatch 80% of the time. At home, I obviously have more private/free time to do whatever i want, but while I’m in Korea, I focus on the game only and i can't feel any big difference from Sweden to Korea besides all the people that lives here.

Is there anything that you would take back home with you?

The Apex season 2 trophy.

You guys have been in Korea for a few months now; I’m sure there has been some memories made. What is your best story from Korea, so far?

Yeah, we have a lot of funny memories, but the best one so far is beating Afreeca Freecs Red, since it was the first LAN win for us as a team.

Would you ever want to return? Both for business and leisure.

Yeah, Korea is awesome in a lot of ways, but i will most likely only return for tournaments.

In other other games, Korean solo queue is held at quite a high regard. Do you think that holds true with Overwatch?

I don't think solo queue is that much better in Korea than in Europe. It might improve over time, but currently there is a lot of hackers and it's less enjoyable since i don't understand everything they say. But in general, they take ranked a bit more serious in my opinion, which is nice.

Any scrim monsters in the Korean scene that the community might not know?

Hard to say. Almost every Korean team we have scrimmed could be seen as a top contender in EU/NA. I think currently BK Stars will be underrated because of their losses, but give them some more LAN experience and they will shine.

With the most recent PTR changes, one of your staple picks, Roadhog, has gotten some changes. Do you think this will change anything? Will he be picked more or less?

Yes, this will change Roadhog quite a bit. I have not tested it too much yet since we have not scrimmed PTR, but I am glad he is getting changed a bit, and I think he will be picked less, but he will still be a strong hero.

Is there a hero that you wish was viable but is not? Maybe something your teammate won't let you play?

We have tried almost every hero in the game in scrims already. I think a lot of heroes are viable currently on different maps. I would like to play more Mei, but overall, our diversity is great.

We haven’t seen your Zaraya since your Luminosity days. Will we see a return to Zaraya for you?

Depends on the metagame. Currently Zebbosai, Tviq and I can play most of the heroes in the game, so it just depends if the meta switches.

In your match versus Luxury Watch Blue, you guys played a triple DPS composition. Did you enjoy that fast-paced aggressive style of play? Do you think that the meta will force teams conform to the same style?

The triple DPS comp was, at the time, the only thing we felt confident with with the short time we had to practice, and we believe in our individual skill. I think the current meta allows for a lot of switching on most maps -- it just depends on the team.

The Lunatic-Hai match is in about 2 weeks. Do you guys have anything special planned for them? Will the Zebbosai meme face make a return?

No, we don't have anything special planned. Just keep practicing hard and work on some comps and we should be fine. If we win, I will do my best to make the Zebbo face return.

Any shoutouts, sponsor plugs, maybe a message to the fans?

Shoutouts to the management of MisfitsGG and my teammates for making me a better player and believing in us. And the fans here have been truly amazing.

Written by @Volamel

Images courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment and Misfits.

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