OW daemoN: “If [Team France] are in the right mindset [and] working as a team ... they will win.

VolamelVolamel 2017-11-12 16:41:48

(Filmed on the Thursday before BlizzCon and before Team France’s Overwatch World Cup games.)

With their passionate community, the French Overwatch scene is quickly becoming a serious contender in the overall Overwatch landscape. And with the Overwatch League quickly approaching, players, coaches and analysts alike, all stand at attention ready for their call-up to the main stage. Julien "daemoN" Ducros is formerly a semi-professional League of Legends player and the Analyst and Coach for the now disbanded Overwatch team, Movistar Riders as well as Coach for GamersOrigin. He has worked closely with the French Overwatch World Cup team as an analyst.

I had the pleasure to pick his brain on his ideals as a coach and what it would mean to the French community to have a World Cup trophy to their name.

00:14 - Intro

00:30 - How was your travel here?

00:56 - As a coach, what do you look for the most in a player?

02:40 - What does team France have to do to win?

03:54 - What do the players on team France feel like after what happened with the Overwatch League? Do they still feel like a family?

05:40 - What would it mean to Rogue to win the Overwatch World Cup? What would it mean to the French community?

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