What Do i Need To Know?

DrGonzoDrGonzo 2012-09-04 02:01:23
OK guys,

Bedding in slowly but surely. Meeting the new team is great but sometimes the best people to give you an insight into what needs doing are the users.

So, as stated in the welcome post I do want to know what we can do to improve the Tek-9 experience. What content do you want? About what games? People say we need more moderators... Why is this?

I've always thought that the Tek-9 are so much better than Cadred's in terms of content and the level at which people discuss things. That perception might be wrong as I don't interact a lot, even if I do "lurk".

Also what are the prevailing thoughts about CoD4? Sounds to me like there's still a lot of good stuff going on... We don't want to write it off yet, do we?

Anyway, consider this thread a direct line to me. I'll take it all on board and will chat with the staff to see what is viable and what isn't.
The reason we need more moderators is because the sheer amount of brainless idiots who post offensive messages without consequence. The whole website needs a revamp. There was once an active movie section where the best movies would get features, that whole system died on tek9 about 2 years ago when the site was no longer updated code wise. The game is on a downward spiral in terms of the competitive LAN scene due to lack of sponsors and such. For the online scene to keep going their needs to be a pro-active attitude to busting cheaters as I feel that is what will kill the online scene.

In terms of things you can do to improve Tek9 directly, well what Sulph8 said, the framework for admins needs to be better. They need to communicate and the already existing admins need to make sure they are doing their job to make Tek9 a better place. The moderation needs to be a little more strict as massive flame wars and arguments break out way too easily
- Active moderators, we have more than enough but 70% of them don't do anything and have even admitted that they don't really care that much.
- Admin forums to be back up, since TEK9 got attacked over 6 months ago the admin forums crashed and we were unable to use it, so the communication and everything we had on the forums were lost (things like admin list, general admin discussion, ban requests for the moderators who couldn't ban, lists of warnings being sent out, etc)
- More active news posts, would be nice for TEK9 to cover much more events and tournaments which are happening.
- Better admining features, with logs of what each admin does.
- Maybe add a new game to TEK9, as we all know COD4 is unfortunately dying and there is nothing we can do. I dunno what the new game would be as cadred covers a great deal of games, but I think having TEK9 as a home for a new game would definitely raise the activity of TEK9.
- Have a reddit style news writing system where anyone can write a news post (this wouldn't be shown publically on the front page of tek9, but they could send the link around) and if it gets "x" amount of thumbs up/likes (whatever you want to call it), then it would be sent to the news writing team so it can be accepted or declined. Once it has been accepted the news article would be made public in the news section on TEK9. This would make the news section a lot more active as TEK9 news writers aren't the only ones who can have their news post on TEK9.
- Be able to recover deleted threads would be good to have aswell just incase someone deletes one by accident or it was deleted for the wrong reason.

Will write more when I can think of them :P Ofc most of this stuff is beyond what TEK9 can do, Heaven Media would need to do some stuff.
Overally the newswriters are inactive or doesn't care, and it's nearly impossible to get someone to make an article/newspost/coverage about any LAN or online event, even when it's going to be big.
Forum wise, 90% of people are trolls, they're just writing nonsense because of there are no consequences.
The game is not like it was years ago, but is still alive, the community is slowly killing it with its attitude and behavior, no respect towards anyone.
And the site is forever Beta, full of bugs and no improvements.
id like to see a bit of content about other games aside from cod4. maybe have different sections in the front feed for lol, cod4 and starcraft or whatever.

also, just as an idea, what would people think about having an independant streamer for popular games on currently being hyped up? someone who could not just write the article/review on gw2, but then present it in the format of a video/stream or whatever that covers its good and bad areas
Forum needs 80% of the population banned, then some steady coverage/news flow with reputable forum topics on said coverage will improve the site vastly.
as everyone else is saying, it would be nice with some stricter forum moderation.

site is lacking interviews, columns/articles, better/more in-depth event coverage, possibly a return of top10 rankings? they were always good for some controversy.

also, out of curiosity... is there any news on whether there's a new site in production?
as stated above,

1) there needs to be greater forum moderation
- Ban double acc's/troll accounts
- Set up a warning system if needed
- Actually stand by the decisions, tired of biased admins.
The impact all the lack of above has on newer/less "involved" players is just a huge negative and honestly most of the top of the scene had enough of tek9 months if not years ago as its just turned into a pile of mess. Its rather hard to promote or want to promote a site that has users utterly decimating the game they cling to.

2) content
-written content in general is lacking with no scope to other games
-promotion of streams and related coverage is no where to be found
-full use of site features to promote events that matter
-a content team who don't have to be reminded of everything to get it promoted
I don't think i need to explain as to why content is king to yourself or anyone else but its a huge factor that's missing, people now only go on tek9 to sift through the utter sewer that is the forums section that's pretty much riddled with cretins.

I love the current guys but its really slowing down :(

CoD4 is far from dead but its not exactly shining currently. The traffic alone that tek9 gets should show its not dead but none of that traffic is put to any use.
Would love to see news posts which are NOT related to gaming at times and which can get some nice heated discussions going, where people can't just participate by throwing some insults and trash-talk around.
I volunteer as admin-tribute.

But no seriously I'd admin.
Try to get people from other games on the forum as wel. Not just Call of Duty 4 since it's dying.
Community Integration
-Tek9 Public Teamspeak (A HUB teamspeak for Call Of Duty 4 - You can meet people/get mixes/contact admins easier)
-Tek9 Cod4 Cups (More coverage for the site/Bring people to tek9 and give it more of a gaming edge rather than just forums)
- Weekly Discussion Threads/Hot Topics (that are moderated properly so people feel safe giving their opinions)

- With the excessive amount of flame going on its impossible for moderators to keep up to scratch with it all so maybe add a feature on top of the comment rating system where if it receives x number of negative votes the comment gets removed.
- Heavier Bans/More Mods to deal with this issue

- They need a clean out (their is still a section for academy applications, so make the forum sections more organized and remove sections that are not used such as console section. Also The Main forum section called 'Game Center' Should be split into 2
Main Games (Cod4, CS:GO, LoL)
Other Games (Starcraft, HoN, WoW etc)

File Center/Sharing
- Something like what cyber gamer has, basically its a massive file portal where you can upload demos, configs, mods, maps and anything else.
Anyone with talent to write news/articles wouldn't be motivated to work under the current management, it's pretty much continuous garbage bar a few of the news writers' posts. The site won't progress with the current quality, it needs people like you I guess to actually mentor the writers with less experience and give them some pointers. It needs something fresh to give some life to the site, it also needs a game that's not decreasing in activity to cover.

The admin team is a joke too but that's a whole different story, if you want to improve this site bring in the same set of rules that you have at cadred. People can post threads/posts they want as long as they aren't completely inappropriate, posting pornography or racism, extreme things that shouldn't be tolerated. I should be able to call people cunts if I think they're a cunt, and they can respond in the same manner, what does it matter if people are receiving abuse through a website, everyone here has had enough experience on the internet to know that it means nothing I doubt they're going to go and and slit their wrists over it.

It would save our 'really active' moderation team a lot of their time and effort removing posts which don't necessarily need removing.

Other than that users should be free to post their opinion and shouldn't be persecuted by arrogant admins, not going to mention names but it's pathetic that if you argue your point and the admin is in the wrong they have the power to just ban you and there's real way to get in contact with the people who are meant to be supervising the site and how it's ran. If the admins feel offended by a mere peon user then they just victimise them by removing their posts.

Are you in control of the site now or just part of the content team? Maybe you're here to let the site die gracefully, who knows what the real plan is eyyy...

If you are just focusing on the content side of the site then I'd say just bash a post out asking for some new life to the team and pick them out yourself.

This was posted on your welcome news post by rob critch . who is banned on TEK9 for being "annoying" in the eyes of SoakR. All he did was point out where Sulph8 was wrongand stuck up for himself.
Well, as Lewis stated, They need a right clean-out.
Different games that aren't yet on the main forum topic list (Such as DayZ, And many other games that barely get any actual recognition on the site.

Well. It's inactive, TOO inactive, There's rarely anything coming up Interview wise and what-not, So I feel that some new newswriters should be recruited into the TEK-9 team that are actually willing to put the time in and make the news posts.

Trolling / Spamming etc.
Well, It's part of modern society now, we can't help it. the only thing the admin team can do within reason is delete the comments, lock threads and ban the accounts associated with excessive amount of "trolling"

What I would like to be revived is the file center, which lewis stated previously. It was very active back in '09 with all the big names in cod4 (and the lesser known players) releasing their demos/cfgs on a regular basis, but this was before the likes of CFGFactory and the like. so it's steadily going down in activity and productivity.
You need to add at least two games in addition to CoD4 as whether we like it or not it truly is on it's way out now, soon to be replaced by CoD:BO2.

LoL is a definite that needs to be added as a large part of our community play it, no matter how awful the actual game itself is. Then add either CS:GO/SC2 and you'll be good.
ill do the quakelive content, even if ill be the only one to actually look at it
try and get a good variated newswriters crew.
alot of people here are also interested in LoL, quakelive, CS:GO and ARMA 2 dayZ mod (among others)
there simply isn't enough cod4 news around to keep the news section alive and fibrant. (people tend to not care about team newspost below the CGm level, i.e "who are these?" posts etc)
try and see through forum activity which games spike this community's interest.
Just Visiting
Just Visiting