Through the mists of Pandaria

ViTALViTAL 2012-10-02 06:08:23

It's been exactly one week since Blizzard brought out their new World of Warcaft expansion; Mists of Pandaria. The initial thought of playing WoW again after quitting mid-way through Cataclysm drained my soul. However after reading endless pages of Mists of Pandaria information on MMO-Champion, it seemed a glimmer of hope had surfaced for this new expansion.

The MMO giant's subscriber base had been in decline ever since its 12 million peak in 2010. Many people blame this on the game being made far too easy and not being challenging enough. I sort of have to agree on this one. Although the start of Cataclysm was fairly challenging, it soon changed after a few patches which was fairly frustrating. Blizzards reasoning behind this change was they wanted to make the game more accessible.

I believe a lot of WoW's charm is about completing hard content and being able to show off the rewards you get, be that a mount or an epic piece of gear. However, it felt like Blizzard made anything worth getting in to something even a toddler could acquire which for a lot of people was very off-putting. I have to say I think these bad habits started within the Wrath of the Lich King (WoTLK) expansion which has created a dumbed down player base. It seems like the moment a few casual players complain about something being too difficult it gets nerfed.

So after Blizzard seemed to have screwed up with Cataclysm, it was time for them to try put things right. So far it seems like they have been successful. Although no raiding content has been released with this expansion, the sheer amount of content now available to players is mind-boggling. Even after a week there are still many things I'm learning about the expansion which for me keeps the excitement going. I think the best thing about the expansion is they have either taken out the grinding type objectives or they have made them worth grinding. Examples of the new features they have introduced in MoP are Farming, Pet Battles, cooking specializations and world bosses worth doing. While these don't sound like the most fun things you could do, they definitely keep you interested for longer.


So, what about the dungeons you might ask? How are they compared to previous expansions? Well I would say they are not quite as hard as the initial Cataclysm heroics but they are definitely not the face rolls we saw from the hour of twilight heroics. There's a small learning curve when doing dungeons the first few times which you eventually overcome. Once you are past that you can do the dungeons with relative ease so long as the tank and healer are doing their job properly.

Another thing I'd like to comment on is the new Pandaria continent. Every zone feels great and a lot of detail have gone in to them. The far east vibe really comes through with every zone you enter. The textures and environmental effects of each zone are truly breath taking making questing in them a real privilege. Below are some screenshots I have taken in the game whilst levelling.

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With raiding content just around the corner I can honestly say so far this is looking like the best expansion yet. There's plenty of content and everything about it feels right. I'll hopefully be doing things like this more often introducing the things I've learnt and hopefully teach any new WoW players a few tips and tricks to the new expansion. Thanks for reading.
I shall not be sucked in!

But seriously, Vital has valid experience to be able to write a review like this. Every time I have entered teamspeak in the last 80 hours, he's been playing along with every other friend I've ever had. F U WOW! :D
I still have a shit load to talk about xD
Awful game is awful. QUIT NOW!
Awful game is awful. QUIT NOW!
It's been pretty awesome so far!
its nice to see a review that thought the exact same as me about cata and had the same happen to them because of it.

Beacuse of this, i will bring myself back to the world of nerdcraft.
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