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After just recently downloading Call of Duty: Blackops II over night, I thought it might be cool to blog about my progress about the move from Call of Duty 4 over to Call of Duty: Blackops II.

November 15th
Entry 1- Pre Game Experience

Initially my first impressions of the game is it would be another Call of Duty release that the community will just skip by because of things they have heard about the game before even giving it a try, which is probably the main reason i have never bought any of the releases after Call of Duty 4 for the PC. So simply for that reason i have never followed the game in term of leaks of features, developments within the game, trailers or even game play footage because i was in that mind set of "oh well i don't care, i'm not going to play it so why bother".

As a typical Call of Duty 4 player i was definite my mindset would not be changed and i would never even think about playing the game...until I heard about the built in league system. This started of a chain of intriguing questions within my mind, and for the first time i actually decided to watch some coverage of the game. Which happened to be the Streamgasm stream of imGaming Vs Decerto. And as the stream went on and on, i learnt more about the game and was interested in the discussion of the game and how it will progress and how the community will take to it.

I think the fundamental turning point for me is that Treyarch locked the game, no mod tools, no custom maps or guns. All thats in the game is what Treyarch wants there to be, with them doing that and also adding a competitive edge to the game through the league system i thought it would be a combo that would definitely work. I mean look at some of the big E-sports titles at the moment such as TF2, CSS, Starcraft II, Leage of Legends, DoTa and If there is one fundamental factor in each Gameplay it is that there are no mods for the games, it is played how it is and that means the companies who make the Game will support the competitive scene because initially it is still there game.

For example, do you really think infinity ward would back a mod with big money sponsorship's and LAN's/Events that some random old Bob made in a few days over the game they spent developing for just under a year? Of course not, because it makes the game seem that crap it has to be modded to be playable.

Although i have the game downloaded i have not played it yet, but there seems to but two big issue's that as a Call Of Duty4 player i find worrying in terms of gameplay.

1. Lack off footsteps - Its common sense that being able to run around with an SMG freely without making next to no noise seems very 'noncompetitive' as it isn't very balanced, as there should be a price to pay for being to move around freely without being noticed.

2. Strafing - As a very big fan of Call of Duty 4 movement system it is hard to get my head around that just sprinting on Call of Duty: Blackops II is indeed faster than strafing because after you jump there is a short delay on when you can start running, and as a Call of Duty 4 Player it is so natural and built into my play style that i strafe without even noticing that i strafe, I think this will be my hardest task in terms of adapting to the new game.

November 15th
Entry 2 - First Game Experience

My first couple of games went okay to be honest, i was pleased with how the game runs considering my pc is quite old, only majour fps lagg is when im in a full on fire fight and theres killstreaks flying and dropping bombs and semtex's and smokes being thrown everywhere which most likely wont be happening in competitive play.
I am not fully at grip with the game, in terms of not playing all the maps yet and i'm not familiar with the weapons yet but that will come after time.

Public was extremely fun crapping on noobs :D, but i really don't like pub for 2 simple reasons, perks and killstreaks.
One thing that i also have a problem with is the Aim Assist sight that lights people up on the screen, almost like a built in WH into the sight.

Overall im quite pleased so far, but i think i will enjoy the game much more playing with friends in a competitive atmosphere/pub fun.
All in all i would rate my first game experience a 7/10, as i don't think the game is perfect but there is definitely potential.

November 16th
Entry 3 - The second day

too be fair the charm of the first initial experience hasn't worn off yet, i'm still developing my skills and getting used to all the new guns and play styles, and trying to bit by bit learn the new maps.

The competitive side of the game seems to start taking shape, with esl rules and a decent map pool being released. Also there's IRC channels (#bo2.wars) and teams starting to form which is very nice to see this early on in the game. My hopes for this game are still flying high as i really do feel that this is a viable option to move on from the forever decreasing game Call of Duty 4.

Also i played my first league game today, overall it was kinda nice to play a bit competitive rather than public. Still waiting to get good at the game though before i even think about trying to progress in the competitive scene

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November 18th
Entry 4 - Blackops II Cup

Tek9 Thread ->

The first competitive cup i have seen is happening tonight called the 'Team Property One Night Cup'. At first i didn't think it would reach the 32 team max cap limit, but to my surprise it reached 32 teams and if the cap was higher no doubt more teams would of signed up. Being on of the first cups i don't expect it to run well in terms of the actual game going through the hassle of adding steam accounts and having to be invited to the lobby etc etc, unlike cod4 where u just copy and paste the ip and your playing.

Only time will tell though and i will post more about my experience after i have played in the cup.
I'd advise you to add some pictures and maybe bold some titles and it looks a little bit daunting to read.

Good stuff though :)
a reason as of why there isn't modtools in LoL, DOTA2, Sc2 is maybe that they are completely different kind of games also?

1.6 had modtools and was pretty decent?

also the above games were built for competitive scene and are balanced looking at results from major tournaments and top tier ladders, doubt treyarch will ever bother listen to what the competitive community says about weapons and stuff, they've already sold 2359234534 trillion copies of the game
Mod tools would never ever be required for sc2/LoL they are totally different to fps
entry 3 added.
This Blog is a great idea mate. As I wanna buy it during the Steam Christmas Sale I just waited for something like this. Keep it up :).
it will be dead when the newest cod is released anyways which should be in a year
Hopefully not as IW will bring a shit cod as every year.
entry 4 added.
Not trying to offend you but what is this? Some sort of diary?
At firsti didn't think it would reach the 32 team max cap limit, but to my surprise it reached 32 teams and if the cap was higher no doubt more teams would of signed up

If it was coming form a "known" player okkkkk,but this is pontless as fuck.Make use of yourself and for example make one of these cups
last update 6 days ago? pls dont let it die :).
CoD BO2 is competitive?
omg how many time does it get to you to write that huge stuff!!!
btw.nice blog
Competitive ? COD:BO2
stop wasting your time and switch back to cod2
stop wasting your time and switch back to cod2
i am afraid the electricity has died down, or the switch is faulty.

theres no light :<
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