Druidz.CSGO Female End on a High(?)

CrossyCrossy 2013-11-26 22:01:36

Several weeks after triumphing in the ESWC 2013 women's competition with a solid victory against German-based Team Alternate in the final, it has been announced that the team will be splitting after seeing out their contracts at the end of 2013.


Whilst the news is still fresh and emotions are currently running high, the exact details of the split are still unclear, but what we do know is that Julia "julie" Kiran, Sonia "Sonia" García and Therese "lillsan" Petersson will be together embarking on a new project with the hopes of not only building on this success in what is arguably the grandest stage for Female CS:GO currently, but developing and improving to the point of being able to challenge their male counterparts.


In doing so, it leaves their French teammates Laure "CeleN" Denivelle and Mathilde "Sephi" Koenig on the hunt for new homes in 2014, with early suggestions pointing to the pair's work commitments limiting their practice time, and with it their ability to push for the same heights as being the main cause for the separation. It is rumoured that two players from the Team Alternative line-up that they defeated in the ESWC final will be drafted in to complete the new line-up. From a personal point of view, I wish success to all five of the players and hope they are all able to achieve their goals in CSGO.


I have been a long-time supporter of females in gaming (not necessarily of female gaming, there is a difference) and have to admire the desire to push beyond female-only competitions if the ability, the time and the dedication is there. By the same token there is definitely room in the market for female-only leagues and cups too. For female gaming to grow, the key at this stage is to increase player numbers and participation, and if a "segregated" tournament is the best way to achieve that, then so be it. I guess time will tell if julie, Sonia and lillsan can make it work, or if maybe they're setting their sights just a little too high.

the female csgo scene seems very reminiscent of the UK CSS scene. :/

GL to all involved.
agreed, and of good luck to them. Still boring as fuck to watch compared with top level professional teams. But respect to the female community sticking at their thing. Huge respect to the girl gamers playing in mixed lineups, kudos.
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