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OliverStOliverSt 2013-12-02 03:19:51
With ESWC, MSI Beat It and Dreamhack Winter out of the way, I thought I'd chime in with my personal top ten teams currently playing CS:GO. Here they are:

1. NiP
2. VeryGames
3. Fnatic
4. compLexity
5. Astana Dragons
6. CPH Wolves
7. LGB eSports
8. Recursive
9. Clan Mystik
10. Universal Soldiers

Outsiders: iBUYPOWER, Reason Gaming, n!faculty, Na’Vi, mousesports, SK

This is my opinion on how the current CS:GO global top ten currently stands. Recently, there have been a few high profile tournaments that have informed my decisions to place teams in the positions given in this list. Obviously, this is my own opinion and many may disagree with it, however I do feel that the listing is justifiable.

Firstly, despite NiP having just lost in the finals at Dreamhack Winter 2013, I think that they can still be considered the best team in Global Offensive. Why? Although they've managed to stumble in both DHW and ESWC, they’re consistently placing within the top three of all of these major events. Other teams, such as Clan Mystik, seem to lack the consistency required to make it that far. At Dreamhack NiP managed to overcome VeryGames in the semi-final, who up until that point were the favourite to be up for my number one spot. Due to this, VeryGames have been allocated the second spot in my list. VeryGames, despite a hiccup in a best-of-one against compLexity, had a good run through DHW until facing up against NiP – where they still fought strong. They have recently emerged the victores in the MSI Beat It finals held in China, where they topped the eventual DHW winners Fnatic.

Fnatic come in to my list at third place. Though they have just won the biggest CS:GO tournament to date, I still don’t think they qualify as the best team that the game has to offer. First of all, a large proportion of their good fortune appeared to fall down to one player in the finals of DHW – jw, who carried a large weight on his shoulders to bring his team the victory. As consistency is the key to prolonged success, I feel like the pressure on jw to keep his form is potentially too great to qualify these Swedes as the best team in the world. Until they’ve hit a number of title finishes, I don’t think it is fair to give them NiP’s throne.

From this point the list starts to get potentially hairy. Though compLexity finished 3rd/4th at Dreamhack Winter, a solid result for them, they've showed signs of weakness in the US ESEA invite indicating that they may also have issues with their consistency. This may also be evident from a closer look at their DHW results – taking one map off of VeryGames in the round-of-32, but falling foul to a swift 2-0 loss at the hands of fnatic. Astana Dragons didn’t have the best of tournaments at DHW, barely making it out of the group stage after two close encounters with the Danes of Reason Gaming. If it wasn't for the history of the players in this team, they could easily be situated further down the list. Personally, I think that their DHW performance was a slight hiccup and that they will bounce back to the top three in the game pretty soon.

The Copenhagen Wolves had a good tournament a DHW, defeating SK Gaming quite comfortably as well as Astana Dragons. The wolves managed to take a map off of VeryGames in the quarter finals of the tournament, which I believe cements their position in the top ten. LGB eSports, yet another team of Swedish talent, have proven to be a contender as one of the most upcoming teams within the game. They won their spot in the DHW event by overcoming Reason Gaming in the online qualifier held the week before the event, and went on to win a number of games many may have written them off for, including a crushing defeat over ESWC winners Clan Mystik and a map win over NiP.

The final three teams in the list didn't make it past the group stages, bar Recursive who fell to eventual winners, fnatic. Clan Mystik still feature in the top ten due to their ESWC win, however if their spot is to be maintained, changes may be necessary.
Great read man, I agreed on most part and like your views how you decided the top 3 is very fair.

let's hope they bring you back on the panel for ESH monthly top 10 :D
I'd most certainly rank CPH over AD. And the whole VG vs NiP thing, man, it's way too close to call. I'm leaning closer to VG.

I don't agree with the changes may be necessary comment about Clan-Mystik. That's kind of the general attitude that is the pitfall on the UK scene, unless of course you meant changes in playstyle. They won ESWC for christ sake with that lineup, they beat Astana Dragons and VeryGames not to mention others. It doesn't need changes at all, they just need to iron out misitakes.
I meant more changes to play style and strategy etc. More touching on how they've been rigid since ESWC making them easy to counter strat etc. In terms of Cph wolves, they impressed me a lot but I think I was just swayed by AD's reputation, potentially a bit more speculative than it should be, but as I said, just my opinion. Appreciate the critique, trying to return to esports writing so should justify myself more in future!
Good read mate! I think maybe SK should be 10th? and Universal Soldiers drop down, other then that i thin you hit the nail on the others!
Don't SK only have three players left? I haven't seen them do that well yet, let alone with two new players. But who knows!
+cype +spitfire to their lineup
Pretty accurate list although AD look like they could slip after some close games at DHW.
good read. agree for the most part.
Good read. I wouldn't have put Recursive over Clan-Mystik, though (even though Recursive seemed surprisingly strong at dhw after adding Maniac). Also, I think Vox Eminor is worth a mention alongside the other 'outsiders'.
Would you put Fnatic higher now? :P
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