PENTA Sports - The Story of a German Merge

fizzministereNfizzministereN 2014-02-07 23:30:26
Today I will be talking about a new German cyber-club named 'PENTA Sports'. Devoted to eSports we launched in early January and although the club is very young, the staff has gained major accomplishments and experiences as individualists which we hope we are able to apply to the organisation.

PENTA Sports is the outcome of an ambitious cooperation between five top notch German organisations: Concordia Gaming, diamondZ e.V, KomaCrew e.V, KD-Gaming e.V, and logiX e.V. Some of the names might be new to you, others such as logiX have a long story backing their name on the international scene. Even though some of these names are new to you, there is no doubt that PENTA is one that will be imprinted in your mind in a long time ahead.

PENTA Sports stands for tradition, sportsmanship, ambition and professionalism and a single thing that unites it all: The Spirit of Gaming.

PENTA Sports is working alongside with several other organisations, this is the likes of KAYDEE which is the company behind PENTA, HITPOINT eSport Entertainment which is the company behind events like Fragland and also XCore-Server hosting game & voice servers and is working closely with our brand. Within weeks we are hoping that we will be able to launch our web shop, where you will be able to acquire your very own PENTA Sports branded clothes as well as services and products from our partners and sponsors.

The primary goal of the organisation is of course to nurture and develop our players as well as give them the tools to develop their natural talent for eSports, but we also strive to give our fans a nice experience on our social media as well as some smaller events which we will be hosting as we develop.

We have already seen 1'825 amazing fans connect with us on Facebook and we would like to give you the opportunity to follow us on Facebook as well:

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So there is no more KomaCrew, logiX, diamondZ ? These clubs had quite good teams in CoD4, esspecialy KomaCrew...

Anyway good luck with the organization and hopefully you become a german power house. =)
Have been playing against two members of your team (faker & spotlight) at ESEA... pretty obvious hackers (wallhack).
Just Visiting
Just Visiting