Cloud9 in trouble? Was PGL a fluke? | IEM Dallas

EsportsHeaven 2022-06-02 09:57:25
  Cloud9 acquiring Players (Gambit roster) was seen as a slam-dunk move from most of the community. Why wouldn’t it be? They have been a top 5 roster for a long time now and dominated the online era. The team has already built their synergy and even the support staff was acquired by C9. The acquisition was made after the Major qualification was confirmed, so it was a win-win. Until it wasn’t. Cloud9 headed into the Major as an undisputed dark-horse. Their performance had been affected for reasons outside of the server, but this organization change should be a solution to a lot of those problems. Na’vi was weaker, G2 hadn't yet figured their roster out and Heroic had not made it on LAN. Faze would never be an easy opponent, but they’d have to face that when the time came. Except it never did, because C9 got knocked out during the first stage of the Major with a single victory.  The roster, now wearing blue and black, started the tournament off with a decent victory against Outsiders, but lost their remaining two BO1s against NIP and Faze, tough opposition. Panic hadn’t ensued yet, because their opposition was about to get much weaker as they went into the BO3 stage. Imperial were a surprise at this Major. The oldest roster at the tournament, the Brazilian Last Dance, performed way above expectations, but they should never be a match to this Cloud9 roster. Yet, when elimination was on the line, Fallen and co. took Nafany’s squad down with a 2-1 victory. Fer had a vintage performance and stood tall as the best player in the server, but there were some mental problems evident on the Cloud9 side of things. They threw a 10-5 lead on Overpass, which was won by Imperial 25-23, bounced back strongly on Vertigo, a map in which Imperial looked lost, only to get smashed 16-3 on Mirage by the brazilians.  The team looked lost, disconnected and the individuals weren’t performing to their usual level. It isn’t even like Imperial performed so well that they took down others too. They were immediately 2-0d by CPH Flames who didn’t even make the playoffs. This was a massive disappointment for this Cloud9 roster, but was it a fluke? IEM Dallas is the perfect stage for Cloud9 to give us an answer to that question. Na’vi aren’t coming, Vitality and G2 seem lost, Ence don’t have Spinx and Furia haven’t done it in the most important tournaments. Heroic, Faze and NIP will be challenging opponents, but Cloud9 doesn't need a victory here. They need a performance worthy of the players on the roster.  Let’s see if the organization’s return to CS:GO will pay off. 
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