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Paparazi to retire after Xtreme Gaming’s elimination from TI11 LCQ?

EsportsHeaven 2022-10-11 03:12:21
  Xtreme Gaming (XG) was eliminated in the lower bracket quarter-finals at TI11 Last Chance Qualifiers (LCQ) by Team Liquid. Soon after XG’s elimination from TI11 LCQ, news started to surface about Chengjun “Paparazi” Zhang's possible retirement. Paparazi previously mentioned in a fan group about retiring if Xtreme Gaming lost in TI11 LCQ. In the image attached below, the following can be observed: “I said if I get eliminated in the first round of TI playoffs then I will retire, the thing that will let me down is a quick exit at TI, but I didn't even make it to TI this time. so that doesn't really count.” Going off on a technicality, there might be a possibility of Paparazi not retiring anytime soon, or perhaps going into the famed “Chinese retirement." The Chinese Dota 2 fans' responses were vivid nonetheless.

China reacts to Paparazi’s vague retirement announcement

  TI11 LCQ Xtreme Gaming “You guys are too dramatic, if you got time to make this fake photo, why don't you go find yourself a real job?” – True or fake? It’s your call to make. TI11 LCQ Xtreme Gaming “That's a good thing to know, at least the team owner is still going to invest in them.” – That’s quite the burn. “He's not that bad, if his ember didn't do that well yesterday, XG would have already got eliminated at that time.” – Someone speaks sense. TI11 LCQ Paparazi China “Dude still got the mood to play the word game huh?” – Referring to Paparazi’s retirement perhaps? TI11 LCQ Paparazi China “He played well enough, to be honest, but the pos4 and pos5, dy and pyw, are actually in a bad condition.” – Yes, always blame the support! “Most of these guys still can improve, but not old eleven. if they want to get a good result at the next TI, they should kick him first.” – Old Eleven is really getting old it seems. TI11 LCQ Paparazi China “If they really want to have some good results they should go get a better coach.” – Ouch. That hurts. TI11 LCQ Paparazi China “Just saying, but maybe they should have rotk back.” – This might be the most sensible response so far. The elimination ended Xtreme Gaming’s dream of qualifying for The International 2022 (TI11) and also left Vici Gaming as the lone Chinese Dota 2 team fighting for survival in the lower bracket semi-final of the TI11 Last Chance Qualifiers.
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