Who gets Yek1ndar?

EsportsHeaven 2022-06-04 02:35:13
  Who gets Yek1ndar? The Outsiders were a roster with a tight deadline on it. Barring a full acquisition like what Cloud9 did with Players, the ex-VP lineup would probably end up splitting apart. No teams came forward before the Major, and it seems like option B is finally underway. On the 23rd of May Virtus Pro announced that Yek1ndar and Buster were leaving the team, which turned a lot of heads in the direction of one of the two. Yek1ndar has been making a name for himself for a while now. He plays like a maniac, seems very intelligent and speaks fluent English and Russian. He is the best of both worlds in Counter Strike, a game with a large language barrier between CIS and Western Europe. This makes him eligible to play in a team like Na’vi, but also on a roster like G2’s or even Vitality’s. All of the aforementioned teams have issues with their current rosters and the means to acquire him, so who’s gonna win the race? Rumors surrounding Na’vi have been floating for months now. The organization is making russian players relocate, but electronic is the father of a young child. Boombl4 is married to a Russian woman. It’s likely that someone will get left behind and, to be fair, -electronic +yekindar doesn’t sound that bad. G2 has been a mess. Niko hasn’t been even close to his level recently, monesy has been great but he’s not the star the team needs, Jackz and Hunter have both fallen off in form and Aleksib is a low-firepower IGL. Something is missing, there is a whole somewhere in this lineup. Could it be plugged in by yek1ndar? Carlos has shown that he isn’t one to shy away from big moves. Vitality has been falling apart before our eyes. The roster is so stacked on paper that anything other than a Final is an underperformance, but they haven’t even gotten close to those. Zywoo is good but he’s not posting zywoo numbers anymore. Magisk has been a soldier the whole time, but Dupreeh has looked much weaker. Apex seems more and more frustrated as tournaments go by. But, the obvious piece to replace with yek1ndar is misuta, the outlier in a team filled with gigantic names. Perhaps none of the aforementioned teams will get the much coveted yek1ndar, perhaps they will. Regardless of who gets him though, they are getting an incredibly talented player who will surely upgrade any roster he joins. Let’s see what the Latvian star can do.
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