CSGO DH Winter: Thorin Interview

RichardLewisRichardLewis 2013-11-30 17:20:27

Making it my mission to not only interview all the players we can but also the panelists, I knew I could bank on this one to be one of the more interesting interviews on the agenda. Duncan "Thorin" Shields is another e-spots veteran who has recently found himself propelled into the spotlight.

An analysis expert for CS:GO, a pioneering content creator in LoL, he finally seems to have been rewarded for over a decade of persistence in his field. We asked him not just about DreamHack but also the direction his career had taken and what he feels about the future of e-sports.

superbased edgy thorin lmao

great interview i love this cat. he has some of the most legendary but real points on some controversies that i never forget
Really great interview Rich. I'm very impressed, great questions, lots of cool new things I learned.
I can never help but notice every time you make eye contact, in every interview you do, you nod your head. That is all.
Great interview, thorin is such a top class character if you know his work you just gotta respect him for what he does :P
I really really like your videos, Richard.
Thorin is such a great journalist. Love the direct questions he does in his grilled series.
Nice interviews, keep it up :)
loving the Mario jersey
Fair play to Thorin, proved his worth as an analyst and did a great job overall, grew on me as the tournament progressed. Hope to see him feature at future events.
Although he had a small rant about it he kind of missed the point, you wouldn't catch Alan Shearer coming into the MOTD studio with a toon shirt on would you
Brendan 'Thorin' Rodgers Okay.

Great interview. Great hand gestures!
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Just Visiting