CSGO New Staff & Columnists Revealed

RichardLewisRichardLewis 2013-12-03 19:53:38

So, now that we’ve got the site up and running the next part is ensuring that we populate it with content we know you guys are going to want to read. We know that towards the end of the Cadred / Tek-9 era, the team was small and getting stretched. Just prior to Dreamhack we went out on a recruitment drive.

Firstly I want to announce that James Banks, formerly of Definitive Esports, will be coming on board in a full time capacity. He’s a journalist who I have long admired, someone who has worked hard in the scene, transitioning from his early Counter-Strike days to becoming one of the few journalists to be able to lift the veil on the Korean SC2 scene. His ability both on camera and with the written word will enhance the level of content on the site no end and our working together has been a long time coming.

We also wanted to add some columnists that could bring you some opinion pieces from a point of authority. For CS:GO this was a no-brainer. Sam “RattlesnK” Gawn has been a much missed competitor in recent times but he remains one of the game’s great thinkers and the most successful UK player in 1.6 or CS:S. I have no doubt his thoughts will be both enlightening and entertaining.

He added:

As an avid supporter of the former cadred site I am delighted to take up a position on the heaven media staff where I can put my knowledge to use in providing CSGO content to its users. In using my experience as a player I aim to provide a more comprehensive level of analysis than is currently available whilst formulating content that I feel the scene currently lacks. I know everyone prefers different content so it will be almost impossible to cater for everyone but I hope in time I will be able to hear from you guys exactly which content you would prefer.

For League of Legends we also wanted to bring in someone with a real authoritative voice outside of the usual channels. Christopher “Panky” Pankhurst remains one of the game’s most enjoyed casters, someone with a real knowledge of the game’s mechanics and the scene around it. He is also someone who we know isn’t afraid to vocalise his opinion when it’s required.

On joining the team he said:

Cadred is a site I've used to keep up with my eSports news ever since I started following the scene back in my Call of Duty 2/4 days. With this new site I'm proud to join a part of their family.

We will be looking to add more people to the team and we’re currently looking at applications for new writers. We feel we’re building something great here and we hope you will support that as, after all, everyone will benefit.

The current Esports Heaven team now looks like this:

Richard Lewis – Editor In Chief
Michael McGhee – Assistant Editor
James Banks – Features & Content Editor
Victor Meulendijks – SC2 Editor
Tom “z0d” van Doorn – CoD Editor

Sam “RattlsnK” Gawn – Columnist
Chris “Panky” Pankhurst – Columnist
Jeff Kim – Senior Features Writer
Matt “wargasm” Hazell – Features Writer
Dominic “HanzoKurosawa” Broadhead – Features Writer

Ben “Esiooo” Doughty – LoL Staff Writer
Max “Deadly” Heath – LoL Staff Writer

Chris “Chriseh” Berry – Dota 2 Staff Writer

Cian “Mr. Floppy” Hassett – Staff Writer
Mike “Dollon” Sargeant – Staff Writer

Claudio "fooZar" Korošec - Staff Writer
Oliver “orcl” Stubley – Multimedia
Matt “EonShiKeno” Gegg – Multimedia

Also speaking of "is this the same Banks who", is this the same Banks who played Source for a little while and would be like a caller/team motivator on comms? Like pumping everyone up every round and getting excited?

Because he was awesome and that was awesome. Best IGL I ever played with, by a long stretch.
nice addition to the csgo scene, gl
Things can only get better from here
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