Starcraft MLG "Growth" Charts Points To Significant Loss In Viewers

RichardLewisRichardLewis 2013-12-15 15:02:47

The MLG organisation had a hugely positive 2012 jumping from 3.5million live viewers to 11.7million after hosting some of the most memorable e-sports competitions on both PC and console. Typically MLG have charted their growth in the form most beloved by e-sports fans - "infographics". However, with the 2013 "growth" inforgraphic, there's one thing that is apparent - that the viewing numbers have almost been halved down to 6 million.

The infographic instead chooses to focus in growth relating to video consumption and total video watched per viewer and advertising performance based on click through ads, figures that certainly won't excite the e-sports community as much as good old fashioned viewing figures.

Of course, it has been a tough time for MLG. The introduction of LCS for their growing League of Legends support and WCS seeing them end their involvement with top level Starcraft 2 will all have had an impact. It is also true that they run less events annually than they have in the past, which would also have an impact on the numbers. Most recently MLG have announced their own premium streaming service, something that might look to redress the balance. Still, there's no doubt that the numbers may cause concern among MLG employees and industry speculators.

You can compare both infographics for yourself by clicking on the following:

MLG 2012 Infographic

MLG 2013 Infographic

this is very much related to the desition not to support SC2 anylonger, online as well as a sc2 stream at lan such as Columbus etc will have something to do with it.
Don't you mean "decision"?
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Just Visiting