LoL Greg "Sky" Williams Interview

RichardLewisRichardLewis 2014-01-05 21:43:42

League of Legends has moved beyond traditional e-sports and has a host of people dedicated to creating content around the sub-culture of those who play the game. One such individual, Greg "Sky" Williams, became an almost immediate hit with his "Five Reasons Your Jungler Hates You" video, current sat at 1.2 million views on Youtube.

However Sky doesn't fit the cookie-cutter person you would associate with gaming. Black and openly gay, his videos and community interactions have generated love and hate and his experiences while creating his content have ranged from the incredibly positive to the truly negative. As interview subjects go there will be few with as much to talk about and as much insight into the ups and downs of being in the public e-sports eye.

We spend almost 90 minutes going into the highs and lows of his career to date, discussing racism, homophobia, his relationship with Riot, his thoughts on the game and where he expects to be in the future.

nice, will watch this tomorrow
Definitely enjoyed had a few cracks here and there, specielly 22:00 lmao. Besides his "draw my life" there wasn't much info about certain things, great to listen to an in-depth interview.

Is there gonna be more of these in the future, if so is it mainly focused on streamers, or is it just completely random, whoever has the time to do so?

GJ either way.
Yeah got a bunch lined up from everyone really. Just going to shoot the shit with anyone and everyone and upload the results. Will try and stick to 1/2 a week over the year.
really nice to see this guy from another perspective.
seems a nice genuine guy. right about lucian in some sense although it's a bit weird :D
I don't find his videos very funny but he seems nice so I wish him the best.
Can't fault the guys viewing numbers but he gives me a horrible headache, typically annoying and imo, exaggerated personality. Don't have a problem with gay people but I don't buy that most have extremely loud and imposing personalities and it always seems so fake like they've got to let everyone know they're gay and don't care, why does it matter either way ? I know there is some out there but why can't they just be a normal guy, who likes dick and doesn't have to manufacture a change in voice and personality to ensure he stands out...

Just to clarify I don't think every gay person is like that, but in my experience, a majority are. Good luck to him, ruins Nightblue stream for me though when they duo :D...
I have completely the opposite view. I feel like when they stream together its actually worth watching. I usually get bored with streamers and switch off but when they stream together its actually funny and nightblue is so informative as well.
enjoyed that, it flew by in no time

any chance of there being a trick2g interview in the near future?
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