LoL New Columnist Announced

RichardLewisRichardLewis 2014-02-03 19:47:17

So, you may remember us announcing a team of writers to bring you the best e-sports features out there in cyberspace. Well, we're happy to announce that we're expanding that team and focusing on League of Legends some more. Being one of the few sites to cater to editorials for the biggest e-sports title right now, we wanted to continue that trend. The only question was who we could bring in that has both the knowledge and the ability to express their opinions.

Well, the newest addition to our team was one of the most successful team managers in the game having been a major part of the fnatic team that dominated LoL in its fledgling days. Recently he parted ways with the organisation and has been on a brief hiatus. We were only too happy to immediately offer him a spot writing about the game. So, a big welcome to one of the most respected team managers in Europe and our new columnist Harry Wigget.

Speaking about his new role he said:

I'm very excited to be joining Esports Heaven as a columnist. It's been a couple years since I was last writing and I'm looking forward to getting back into it. With my time at Fnatic coming to an end, I currently have some time on my hands which I want to put to good use.

I have a lot of opinions on the growth of e-sports and where I believe it's heading, especially League of Legends. I have been lucky enough to witness the scene grow to where it is now, which is still incredible to think about. I look forward to my time here at Esports Heaven.

You can follow me on twitter for updates: @harrywiggett

You can enjoy his first piece shortly and beyond that every week here at Esports Heaven.

what was the reason behind you leaving fnatic?

anyways gl. doesn't seem too many people in here are interested about LoL. maybe it will change now.
Indeed, I wondered why he left fnatic also.
The page says 7 comments, but i can only read 3???
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