Report: Gambit Subs Leaked

RichardLewisRichardLewis 2014-02-19 02:29:17

The news that due to visa issues Gambit Gaming have to use three substitutes for the upcomg LCS weekend in Cologne in has caused their fans to gnash and wail at their prospects of picking up some wins. Losing Alex Ich, Darien and Diamond is nothing to be shrugged off and many wondered how they could possibly prevail. Well, we can reveal that there's some good news and some bad news as we have had the subs leaked from a couple of reliable sources.

OK, we'll get the bad out the way. It seems that another attendance issue has popped up meaning that Gambit will actually be without four players, the other one affected being Evgeny "Genja" Andryushin. The reasons for this haven't been clarified from our sources who have not been fed the specifics, just the roster, ahead of their appearance. This means that the Russian powerhouse, currently second in the EU LCS standings, will arrive in Germany with only one of their original members, the support Edward "Edward" Abgaryan.

There is some good news however. Stepping in at top lane will be the highly respected Ninjas In Pyjamas player Morten "Zorozero" Rosenquist and filling Alex Ich's sizeable shoes will be his team-mate Erlend "Nukeduck" Vĺtevik Holm. Both are obviously well aware of what it takes to compete in LCS and in front of a live audience, even if they find themselves currently outside of it.

With the jungle having played such a key role for Gambit all eyes will be on Diamond's replacement Johan "Hulberto" Johansson, who was a former mid laner Team Property, who has since moved to jungle and been playing with NiP. Finally at ADC will be German Jakob 'fury III' Burke, who has been used by Ninjas In Pyjamas before and therefore may be known to some people.

With the team being a huge mish-mash, no-one will be expecting synergy, but the common Ninjas In Pyjamas thread that runs through the team might be enough for them to hold together and pull some shocks out of the bag.

Gambit Gaming, for this weekend only, shall be:

Morten "Zorozero" Rosenquist - Top

Johan "Hulberto" Johansson - Jungle

Erlend "Nukeduck" Vĺtevik Holm - Mid

Jakob 'fury III' Burke - ADC

Edward "Edward" Abgaryan - Support

well that sucks. hard game vs roccat too.
couldnt get the visa's in order
Just Visiting
Just Visiting