LoL Amazing to TSM?

HowspiffingHowspiffing 2014-05-03 13:07:00

In an already exciting off-season, the rumours continue to fly as yet another EU to NA transfer seems to on the way. This time though the itended recipient is one of the biggest names in North American League of Legends - Team Solo Mid.

The subject of the transfer is Copenhagen Wolves jungler Maurice 'Amazing' Stuckenschneider, as sources close to the team are suggesting that the player has been sold to 'An American team'. Last night TSM mid laner Bjergsen tweeted "Holy shit hype. big things inc! #TSM" and after a long list of responses CLG analyst and OGN commentator Montecristo replied "After investigating, I think it's Amazing".

At any rate, our source confirms that that Amazing will be leaving the Copenhagen Wolves, stating:

"the team will only confirm that the player will not be playing for them next split"

With TSM confirming big news incoming, it is safe to say that Amazing is likely headed out to join the team. Another source suggests that long time jungler TheOddone stepped down from his position as a starting player for TSM last night.

TSM is not the only possible destination however, as Evil geniuses yesterday announced that they would be holding tryouts for their jungle and bot lane positions.

It now seems that Copenhagen Wolves are without Forg1ven and Amazing for the Summer split. With Woolite expected to fill the AD Carry position, it is unknown who will step up in place of Amazing, although early suggestions say that Santorin could be trialling with the team.

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