LoL Copenhagen Wolves take Woolite?

HowspiffingHowspiffing 2014-05-07 18:41:48

Yesterday evening we brought you the news that Copenhagen Wolves could have filled their open jungle position with challenger veteran Airwaks. Today our sources have told us that Copenhagen Wolves have also finally decided on their replacement for Forg1ven, and that replacement is Pavel 'Woolite' Pruski.

Pavel has been the frontrunner for the spot ever since the departure of Forg1ven but has been put through his paces in a vigorous trial, in which he had to prove himself against 2 other AD Carries, 1 of them being former Fnatic player Puszu. Woolite is the AD Carry for Denial Esports, who fell short against Copenhagen Wolves just a couple of weeks ago in the LCS promotion tournament.

The starting lineup for Copenhagen Wolves headed into the LCS could look like this:

Joey 'Youngbuck' Steltenpool

Karim 'Airwaks' Bhengalia

Viktor 'Cowtard' Stymne

Pavel 'Woolite' Pruski

Petar 'Unlimited' Geogiev

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