own3d.tv Return?

RickehRickeh 2014-03-24 13:00:28

Streaming company own3d.tv look to be on the verge of a return, with the website asking for beta testers ahead of a planned re-launch.

The company ceased operations back in January of last year owing out thousands of dollars to partners and players, a result of their lengthy and costly battle for supremacy with Twitch.tv, a battle that was eventually lost. The decision to close down came as a bit of a shock to their streamers, who had plenty invested in the company, and it left their reputation in tatters. Various organisations and players depended on the website as a source of income, including the likes of CLG, TSM, mTw, Ocelote, Destiny and many, many more.

It's been just over a year since that decision was made and those involved with the company have kept themselves relatively quiet, but it now looks to be nearing a return if their website is anything to go by. A glance at the own3d.tv web page shows that they are on the lookout for beta-testers ahead of a re-launch, the details of which have yet to be unveiled.

It's unknown who, if any, of the management team remains part of the new project, but regaredless of their involvement the news is likely to be met with some concern, given the way in which the company came to a close the first time around.


I liked Own3d. Anything to help even the field and stop Twitch dominating the streaming market is a good thing. Competition is healthy.
its the same as mtw - noone will make serious contracts with them until they show good willing to pay the bills and everyone will need a option to leave the contract as soon as bills dont get paid and this will be the gravestone on this project.
why would team XYZ ever switch from twitch to own3d - on twitchmoney , even if its really not that much anymore you can count , own3d did not provide that security which is crusial for streaming business.

and, agreed.
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