LoL How Junglers Can Dominate 4.5 - Hotfix Required?

RichardLewisRichardLewis 2014-04-03 14:47:50

The new patch to League of Legends seems to have come with an issue that is already impacting on solo queue and could, if deemed to be intended, impact on the LCS play-offs in less than a week. The crux of the issue stems from the fact that junglers can stack the refined Wriggles Lantern item and items that build from spirit stone, allowing junglers who scale off attack damage and attack speed to become insanely powerful. While this was possible in previous iterations of the game it was never done because of how weak the item was.

This change also comes coupled with the fact that the Dragon objective no longer slows attack speed making it incredibly easy for certain types of jungler to solo dragon earlier in the game. The buff to the item also allows incredibly fast clear times for junglers and those with shields, life-steal and on-hit heals can not only farm to greater levels but also not lose mana or health while doing so.

While you expect every patch to lead to something new that terrorises solo queue the worry is how this might impact on the top tier of competition. In its current state it is entirely plausible for a team's jungler to "cheese" the game by stacking these items and our own tests showed that solo dragons and barons are easily achievable early in the game, not to mention the overall effectiveness in team fights make junglers like Vi a real terror for carries to deal with.

Riot have been made aware of the issue and are currently taking feedback from a number of LCS players regarding this issue.

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