World of Tanks Update 9.0 Released

Ben GreenBen Green 2014-04-16 15:54:57

Wargaming has rolled out their latest update for the ever growing World of Tanks. New Frontiers marks the first step in Wargamings plan to significantly expand World of Tanks through the coming year.

Ten of the game's tanks will be getting rather pretty high definition models and textures. For the time being these tanks will be unprecedented in there beauty, but not to worry...the other tanks have personality. The tanks physics are also being slightly adjusted; the suspension is being altered to give each tank a more realistic handling experience. Tanks have separately modelled sections that now allowing for turrets to fly off when said tank is destroyed.

New Frontiers also sees the addition of Historical Battles. Players will be able to hop into a historically accurate nation-versus-nation battle. Wargaming have recreated The Battle of Kursk, Operation Spring Awakening and The Battle of the Bulge, if that's what your into.

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