LoL 'Super Team V2': Forg1ven out, Freeze in?

HowspiffingHowspiffing 2014-05-02 22:06:52

In a week of almost unbelievable roster speculation, the news continues to fly in. As Forg1ven leaves the ranked team 'Rest In Pepperonis' which houses the speculated members of the 'super team' - Alex Ich, K0u, Nukeduck, Mithy and Hulberto.

This evening Forg1ven left the ranked team after they went a staggering 22/2 while reaching 100 points in challenger. It is unsure whether he left the team or was removed and the reason behind his leaving is unknown but our sources say that he has in fact left the team for good. This comes just a few days after the hot headed AD Carry departed Copenhagen Wolves. It was confirmed by the CEO of Copenhagen Wolves that Forg1ven is still on a contract, although our source insists that the team will not take the player back.

The logical replacement for Forg1ven seems to be Freeze, the player that was apparently replaced in the making of this team. With Freeze on the roster the team will have 3/5 members of NiP, thus allowing them to take their spot in the Coke League playoffs. Our source confirms the news and says that the team will start practice with Freeze as soon as possible.

EsportsHeaven will continue to update the story as it progresses.

Update (3:30AM) - Our sources are saying Forg1ven was removed from the 'super team' rather than leaving.

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