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Deadly97Deadly97 2014-05-29 19:38:18

Own3d.TV has finally returned after having closed for roughly a year and owing the likes of CLG considerable sums of money. A recent announcement of their impending return descended into several people posing as players still owed money from the previous iteration of the organisation and demanding pay-back on their website.

The organisation had announced their intent to return some time ago but haven't, until now, actually revealed what it is they will actually do. It isn't clear if they even intend to stream, which seems a waste of the ".tv" suffix, but they do claim to have a host of ideas. For now people will have to content themselves with the other services they are providing, which frankly seem to be clones of other existing sites that are already established such as lolking and lolcounter.

Below is a statement from their pre-alpha website which can be found here

You may wonder what all the fuss is about. We thought about keeping quiet and let you conspire what's going on to drive some buzz, but in some way we're a little thrilled ourselves, so: Transparency FTW.

Let's keep it short and set a few things straight: We're in no way related to the previous company and team. That's it. Nada. Sorry.

We're just some other guys who had some ideas for some time about an esports website we wanted to make. Well, it happened that we got our hands on this lousy domain with a fucked up reputation. But life’s boring without any challenges — so we thought let's try to change this.

We think is too cool of a name too keep it in that rusty state. In the long term we hope to create a place where gamers love to come again. However, bear with us, we're starting small.

So what is it all about? Our mission, simply said: shall be your place to go for all things esports (hurray, what a whishy-washy statement, we know, but that's it :)).

We got lots of ideas and hope to make them a reality. But as we said, we're starting small. In best hipster startup tradition, we're releasing early, and (try to) release often. We're starting with ameta-index of League of Legends guides & builds as well as counter rankings. More will come, but that's our little secret for now :).

Let's discuss: Now that the cat's out of the bag, what are your thoughts? If a little djinni would say you could wish for your dream features of, what would it be?

Tom & Walter

Wait so, will it still be a streaming website?
Currently it looks like it is trying to provide a 'HQ' for everything LoL-related. It isnt providing any self-created content by the looks of it and only provides links to content that has been created by others.

It will be interesting to see whether they will actually provide streaming or try to hijack a previously famous website in order to gain views
Just Visiting
Just Visiting