Starcraft RuFF removed from IvD Gaming after offensive comments towards Minigun

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Jesse "RuFF" Hall was kicked from IvD Gaming earlier today following deeply insulting comments he made towards Chad "Minigun" Jones on stream, mocking him over his medical condition and the donation drive towards his medical costs established by fans.

ROOT Gaming's fan-favourite Protoss player, Minigun - who suffers from Crohn's Disease - was publicly insulted by RuFF yesterday over his condition after emerging victorious from a ladder game.

As the game began, RuFF typed "easy games" as an insult towards Minigun's skill level and both players began to play out the game. Later, when Minigun gained the upper hand, he responded to RuFF with the exact same comment and within minutes had beaten his opponent. Before leaving the game however, RuFF decided to deeply insult his opponent by typing "go beg for more money sick boy", implying that he had been begging for money on reddit to cover hospital bills over recent surgery related to his condition. In reality, fans of Minigun had established a donation drive out of their own free will to help him.

Although the incident streamed by both players generated initial controversy amongst those watching both players' streams on Twitch, the incident did not ignite on Team Liquid or Reddit until Minigun himself posted a screenshot of the incident on his Twitter account.

The messages which led to RuFF's removal from IvD.

Within hours, respected StarCraft II commentator, owner of SHOUTCraft and manager of Axiom Esports, John "TotalBiscuit" Bain announced that RuFF had been banned permanently from participating in SHOUTCraft Clan Wars under IvD Gaming's banner. In his rather blunt tweet, he simply stated "We have banned Ruff from Clan Wars events permanently due to him being a chronic twat. There is no cure."

Shortly afterwards, IvD Gaming made an official statement on TeamLiquid to announce RuFF's dismissal from the team.

Due to his recent comments regarding Chad “Minigun” Jones, Jesse “RuFF” Hall has been removed from IvD Gaming. His actions were unjustifiably inappropriate and have no place in a professional environment.

IvD was formed in support of a fellow gamer with cancer, and a number of us have been greatly affected by it and other diseases. Our owner himself was diagnosed with Crohn's disease and I lost my Mother and Grandparents to cancer shortly before IvD was founded. Immediately after we were made aware of what was said, we began internally discussing disciplinary action. Our final decision was not made lightly. Jesse is a dear friend and anyone who truly knows him can tell you how uncharacteristic this action was. Ultimately, no amount of anger, frustration, or surrounding circumstances can excuse this type of behavior.

We at IvD Gaming would like to offer our sincerest apologies to Chad, our fans, the community, and everyone who felt attacked or offended by the comments made by RuFF yesterday. Know that we won’t stand for behavior like this from anyone, let alone someone who represents our organization and partners. It is our sincere hope that we will be able to continue to support players that uphold our values and commitment to raising awareness of these awful diseases. Once again we apologize for yesterday's incident, and hope that our steps taken will prevent any such further incidents from occurring.

Later in the thread, RuFF himself issued a public apology towards Minigun, his team and everybody else offended by his behaviour. In his apology, he insisted that he's held a grudge towards Minigun for several years and reacted only because of Minigun's in-game comment and his apparent presence in stream chat.

I want to apologize for what I said to Minigun on the ladder. I know now that what I said was inexcusable and with that came the ultimate punishment by losing the team that I enjoy being with the most. I did not think when I was typing and I should have kept my personal opinions to myself. I lashed out in rage because of the comment Minigun said and also because someone said he was in my stream chat. I should have more of a professional character and not get upset by such banter. When I was told that I was removed from IVD Gaming I literally cried. The people on this team have the best of hearts and when it comes to management, they only want to strive to ensure that e-sports becomes a popular thing.

I saved my step brother 5 years ago by spotting his cancer early at Rapids Waterpark in Florida when I noticed he was walking with a limp. He became part of Make-A-Wish foundation and has recovered from his cancer since then. I felt obligated to say this because I do not want to come across as a heartless person. I tend to get away from the issues in RL and not think while playing StarCraft.

I have had beef with Minigun since WoL and admit to holding a grudge because I treated him like a friend when we both were learning how to play Terran at some point we clashed on ladder and went our separate ways. Still ultimately what I said was inexcusable and I hope that he gets better from his illness. I should treat people like I would in person as if there was not a computer screen in front of me.

I hope that the community sees this as an appropriate action even though I am saddened by the decision. Best wishes to everyone and I hope this does not effect the community in a negative aspect.

Following RuFF's dismissal, TeSL commentator, representative of Cooler Master and yoe Flash Wolves member, Benjamin "BreAKerSC2" Novotny, issued the following statement on reddit regarding the incident on behalf of Cooler Master.

Hi guys. I am BreAKersc2. I am the CM Storm eSports community manager at the headquarters in Taipei. As I see it, I must deliver a statement regarding the behavior of Jesse "Ruff" Hall.

First and foremost, I want to say that belonging to a pro team myself (although myself just being a caster that is brand-naming himself and nothing more (furthermore the team that I belong to is not sponsored by CM Storm, do not get confused)), each and every member of that team has an obligation to the community to behave in a manner that does not discriminate, and that means not engaging in childish behavior. The reason why I love Starcraft 2 more than any other game on the planet is the very fact that if you lose, you cannot blame anyone else but yourself for that loss.

In addition, having read Chad "Minigun" Jones' blog on teamliquid detailing his 4 week stay at the hospital, I must stress that it is difficult to have compassion with anyone who would flaunt his health status over someone else's. Thanks to the swift decision making of IvD's team leadership, our brand name is clean. There is no need to email us as we are already aware of the situation.

Sincerely, Benjamin "BreAKer" Novotny.

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