IeSF Reverses sexist policies

ploguidic3ploguidic3 2014-07-04 15:02:08

In response to overwhelming community backlash the Internatonal eSports Federation has declared that they are reversing their previous rules preventing women from entering certain events.

Previously IeSF rules prevented women from entering the supposedly open Hearthstone tournament sponsored by the orginization. After an emergency board meeting that was held to discuss the backlash to IeSF rules, the orginization decided to allow both men and women to enter the primary Hearthstone tournament, while preserving their female only divisions.

If your going to have a Women's division, women need to play in it, otherwise please just create one division for both men and women.

There isn't an inherent advantage in esports for women to need their own division because there is no difference within the input devices besides what a user is willing to spend. This is a shit decision because of that reason.

Esports is either inclusive and lets everyone compete against the best be they male or female, or exclusive and has sex based divisions. Time to fix this esports fans.
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