Trump signs with TSM

ploguidic3ploguidic3 2014-07-08 20:21:01

TSM announced their latest Hearthstone pickup, popular streamer and competitive player Jeffery "Trump" Shih. Given competitive Hearthstone's explosion in popularity this seems like a logical pick up by TSM.

Trump pictured above

Trump began his career as a Starcraft II player and streamer, failing to to produce any significant results, but becoming a popular streamer in his own right. With the launch of Hearthstone Trump was able to transition into being one of the most popular streamers and personalities in the scene. Trump has competed in numerous competitions including Blizzcon's Inn Keeper Invitational, and taking 3rd place at Tavern Takeover 1 and 3rd at SeatStory Cup. Trump had this to say about signing to TSM.


As the mayor of Value Town, I make sure that the value gets spread around.  I’m very happy to have found that value in TSM, an awesome team which is stepping into my favorite game! It’s great to join my homeboy MaSsan who I’ve had the pleasure of visiting in Korea.  Team Solo MaSsan no longer, I look forward to the other talent that will be joining as well.



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