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An interesting development arose today in the world of eSports. Adult streaming website YouPorn expressed interest in sponsoring a competitive gaming team via Twitter.

Do we have any competitive LoL, DOTA2, or HeartStone players following us? What do you think about YouPorn sponsoring a team?

Considering the "plugged-in" and male heavy demographic that sites like YouPorn cater to this could be an incredibly savvy move that will allow YouPorn to reap a strong return on their investment. Additionally there was interest expresssed with Counter Logic Gaming's general manager tweeting this in response

If you're serious you should email [email protected]. I run the #1 ranked LoL team in North America

Although the YouPorn Tweet did not mention StarCraft, the European StarCraft II team Alien Invasion also expressed interest

not interested in sponsoring a professional Starcraft 2 team? :)

Leaked LCS contracts expressly forbid players from accepting sponsorships from adult content providers like YouPorn and it would seems safe to assume the same rules would apply to teams. At this time it is unkown if these rules would effect orginizations competing at the challenger level. Blizzard also prevents tournaments that participate in their WCS system from accepting pornographic sponsors, which displays an aversion to pornographic sponsors, but at this time it does not appear that Blizzard would have any recourse for a Hearthstone sponsorship. Pornography is a massive industry, and YouPorn's interest hints that eSports is inching ever closer to a state of maturity. The format wars between VHS and Betamax prove that the porn industry be a make or break factor, and eSports orginizations that recognize this fact and embrace have an enormous amount to gain from this development.

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