The Order in Which Deathrattles Trigger Will Change When Curse of Naxxramas Releases

ploguidic3ploguidic3 2014-07-11 02:13:52

Ben Brode, a senior Blizzard game designer working on Hearthstone, made an interesting revelation via Twitter today. Brode unveiled upcoming changes that deal with the mechanics for situations where the power of a deathraddle make creature's death desireable. The order in which deathraddles trigger will gain some clarity finally.


“@bdbrode How will the new priest card work in conjunction with a Harvest Golem and a board wipe?”

This and “How come the opponent Sylvanas always steals my Cairne” are trending topics.  The new priest card, Dark Cultist, grants a friendly minion +3 health upon death. When a Harvest Golem dies, it summons a Damaged Golem.


“@Bettaexp Better than it does now. First played, first triggered”

Players would have to play Harvest Golem before Dark Cultist if they want their Damaged Golem to recieve that buff that comes when both die at the same time.

“@bdbrode @Bettaexp sort of a classic example then, if cairne (played first) kills a sylvanas, will sylvanas steal baine?”

And the answer is…


“@KindbudiiIchig0 @bdbrode @Bettaexp yes, in that case, Sylvanas will steal Baine. If Sylanas was played first, Baine won't be stolen.”

So now not only will both players have to remember what cards they and their opponent have played, they will have to remember the order in which their minions have been played. Never has the event log become so useful. 

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