Team Coast picks up Hearthstone roster

DreXxiNDreXxiN 2014-07-28 22:06:09

While typically renowned for their involvement in MOBA titles, Team Coast is taking the dive into Hearthstone. The team will be comprised of three top North American Hearthstone players.

While Team Coast may not have done what was necessary to keep their organization represented in the North American LCS in League of Legends, they have taken the initiative to explore new avenues by acquiring a squad in the ever-growing Hearthstone. Currently, the team is comprised of three top Hearthstone players. The first is Josh 'Impact' Graham, who's accomplishments include being 3-time "NESL King of the Hill" winner and also a highly rated player on the ladder. Josh released a statement about his acquisition:

"I have played competitive gaming for many years and this seemed like a perfect fit. I am very proud to represent Team Coast’s Hearthstone division."

Next up is James 'Twisted' Neumann, the second member of the team. Twisted is a competitive TCG veteran, who also had a statement upon joining Team Coast:

"Team Coast is exactly what I’ve been waiting for. I’ve always been a consistent player online but haven’t had the chance to travel. This is a great opportunity and I look forward to my future here at Team Coast."

Finally, Team Coast has Justin 'Luffy' Dizazzo, a prolific MLG, ESL, and Zotac cup winner. Luffy thinks Team Coast will be an essential part in moving forward and says:

" I am excited for this opportunity presented to me by Team Coast. I am confident in what I can bring to this team, and I am very happy to be a part of the team. With my teammates, I look forward to representing Coast at the highest level of play."

Source - Coast Facebook

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