LoLStarcraft OnGamers appears to be laying off freelance staff

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Several months after its second ban from Reddit, the financial consequences appear to be catching up with OnGamers. The CBSi backed eSports site has been widely regarded as the premiere source for eSports content, but rumors have been swirling that Ongamers is preparing to lay off some of its staff, and various sources today appear to have confirmed this sad hypothesis.

Subtle tweets from some of OnGamer's former contributors hinted at things going south at the CBSi owned company. Rod 'Slasher' Breslau had this to say about part of the staff affected that he has been working with.

I worked with many great writers and editors who are today no longer at GameSpot, one person who I won't forget. Find them good homes.

OnGamers is host to many pieces of popular content, including the 'Summoning Insight' show 'Montecristo' Mykles and Duncan 'Thooorin' Shields, Thooorin's comprehensive and in-depth interview series 'Reflections', Travis Gafford's weekly live interview content from the LCS, and several other publications that are primarily well received within the League of Legends eSports fanbase.

Despite the site being able to function without having the content submitted to Reddit, traffic has dropped for the site and, as a result, the staff of OnGamers could be jeapordized.

At this point the staff layoffs are still not 100% confirmed from the source itself, but there appears to be a large amount of data suggesting this to be the case. We at eSports Heaven understand the difficult realities of eSports journalism and wish all OnGamers staff and the rest of the staff affected by the cuts from CBSi interactive the best.

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