LoLStarcraft Twitch TV rolls out changes to VOD system

ploguidic3ploguidic3 2014-08-06 19:20:40

Leading streaming platform, and eSports broadcast site Twitch TV began rolling out a major revamping of its VOD system today. This overhaul will drastically change the capabilities of Twitch's entire VOD system.


Twitch cited several motivations for this system overhaul including but not limited to 

  • VODs are saved in FLV format, and platforms like mobile and console devices can’t playback that format.
  • As past broadcasts are saved in 30-minute chunks across multiple media servers, a single server maintenance or failure could prevent proper service of an entire VOD.
  • Extremely limited availability of transcodes on VODs.
  • Due to current storage requirements, past broadcasts can only be saved for 3 days without an explicit “save forever.”
  • We must save an entire past broadcast indefinitely if a highlight from it exists.


The new VOD system will allow Twitch to deliver VODs to users of the Twitch mobile apps for iOS and Android. Additionally it will give VOD viewers quality options akin to what live viewers recieve. Twitch has also expanded the default rolling storage for non-partnered or Turbo users to 14 days, but has limited partnered and Turbo users to 60 days of rolling "Past Broadcast" storage removing the option to store indefinitely. 

Twitch claims that indefinite storage of “Past Broadcasts” uses of Petabytes of data, most of watch has never been watched. Twitch will allow users to permanently store videos saved under the highlights section, but there is a limit of two hours per highlight video. Twitch has also stated starting three weeks from today it will begin removing VODs that are older than 60 days. Twitch broadcasters can preserve videos they feel are worth saving by using the highlight function or by exporting them to Youtube. Twitch broadcasters should also expect some downtime on the Youtube exporter while the new system is being rolled out.

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