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ploguidic3ploguidic3 2014-08-27 00:20:34

Following its acquisition by Amazon, has recieved an enormous amount of attention from the mainstream media. It appears to have also attracted some unwanted attention from the hacking entity known as Lizard Squad. Users are currently reporting difficulties viewing Twitch streams, and the site itself appears to have slowed to a crawl. The Lizard Squad Twitter account had this to say


The attack against Twitch comes after a string of high profile attacks against other gaming targets. The victims of Lizard Squad's DDOS attacks are diverse, and have included: Xbox Live,, DOTA East, League of Legends North America, and PSN. In addition to DDOSing services Lizard Squad has also been responsible for a bomb scare which grounded the president of Sony Online Entertainment's plane. Lizard Squad claims to be an Islamic hacktivist group stating

Today we planted the ISIS flag on 's servers

in addition the Lizard Squad Twitter account has been observed using the word 'kuffar', a derogatory term for non-Muslims. Many have speculated that Lizard Squad's proclaimed sympathies to ISIS are false, and perhaps even a false flag operation intended to brew further resentment torwards Muslim people and the Islamic faith. At this time it is unknown when Twitch services will be restored.

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