NiQs released from FaZe amid controversy

ploguidic3ploguidic3 2014-11-18 15:41:15

Long time member of FaZe Shawn "NiQs" Grant has been released from FaZe's pro team. Following NiQs' release the Twitter sphere exploded with controversy based on the idea that NiQs' release was a racially motivated decision.


FaZe announced the decision to release NiQs via a Tweet stating


@FaZeNiQs it was a pleasure having you on the team man, best of luck!

— FaZe Clan (@FaZeClan) November 18, 2014

Fan reaction was mixed, with many feeling that that NiQs was released from the team due to being black. Many fans Tweeted expressions of condemnation at what they felt was racially motivated behavior.


@FaZeClan @FaZeNiQs kicked for being black smh

— Rush Upr (@ItsUpr) November 18, 2014


For its part FaZe has staunchly denied that NiQs was kicked due to being black. The Chief Operating Officer Ricky Banks Tweeted


I shouldn't even have to address this, but NiQs was absolutely NOT kicked for his race. Some of you you are completely brain dead huh?

— FaZe Banks (@Banks) November 18, 2014

Regardless of the motivation, NiQs will no longer be playing for FaZe.

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