SpaceLy completes the Noble Impact roster

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Announced on November 12th, the Noble Esports Impact Call of Duty team was already one of the biggest roster changes of the year, bringing together three pieces of the 2013 World Championship team, Fariko Impact: Adam "KiLLa" Sloss, Marcus "Mirx" Carter and Chris "Parasite" Duarte with Jeremy "StudDy" Astacio rounding out the four man roster. Unfortunately, Parasite left the team soon after. Today, it was announced that Michael "SpaceLy" Schmale would round out the roster as their fourth.

In 2013, KillA, Mirx, Parasite went on a tear with current Optic Nation member, Damon "Karma" Barlow, with wins at MLG and the 2013 Call of Duty championships.

With all of these players parting from their rosters recently, it looked like it was possible that they would reform the championship team, but personality issues seemingly got in the way. Without Karma, they would go on to join Noble Esports, with former Denial and EnVyUs player, StudDy.

A few days later, Parasite would leave the team, to create a new team, which left Noble Impact looking for a new fifth player. A trade would then come up from a "To Be Announced" team, managed by former Curse staff which let SpaceLy with a place on the Noble Impact squad.

The announcement was made on Twitter:

You can check out the new Noble Impact roster in the upcoming MLG Columbus 25k on from November the 28th to November 30th, as well as in the MLG Pro League thereafter.

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