CSGOStarcraft Gfinity Releases 2015 Schedule

ploguidic3ploguidic3 2014-12-06 15:15:20

Gfinity has released the schedule for their upcoming 2015 tournament circuit. The tournament will inlude Halo, Call of Duty, FIFA, StarCraft, and CS:GO.

The schedule has divided the various events into majors and opens. The majors are will be invitational based, much like Gfinity's earlier G3 tournament, while the open events will be open to all competitors. Although Halo events are not listed Gfinity has stated that they are not dropping support for the game and are simply finalizing the schedule.

Gfinity Schedule Graphics Credit Gfinity

Gfinity has revealed the prize pools for their major events, but has so far kept the prize pool for their open events under wraps. The company has stated that it will unveil the prize pool December 12th. This expanded circuit represents a large amount of growth for the British eSports scene. Gfinity has stated that they will be paying travel fees for competitors, so expect top level players across all games to be flocking to the UK throughout the spring and summer.

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