Summit Day 2 Recap

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By Don Tam follow him on Twitter @Don_Tam

Day 2 of The Summit turned out to be as short as the first. On paper, Group B had three fairly evenly matched teams in Team Secret, iG, and LGD. However, Team Secret swept iG in two games and then dominated LGD in both games in the winners’ match. While iG put up the best fight we’ve seen in the tournament in game 2, Team Secret never let go of their momentum once they got a hold of it and rolled onto a 32 minute victory.

The game between LGD and NoT Today went as expected. The more experienced and talented Chinese team squashed the heavy underdogs in both the draft and the field. The fact that neither game finished in less than twenty minutes can only be attributed to the tenacity of the South American squad, but the writing was on the wall very early in both contests.

The results set up an interesting third day at The Summit. In the lower bracket of Group A, EG should make short work of Rave (if the first two days have been any indication) to set up a rematch with C9 to determine who will play Team Secret in the playoffs. Similarly, iG should have their two game warm up against NoT Today and then fight their countrymen LGD for the right to play a powerful VG squad in the playoffs.

Though the hope for a major upset still hangs in the air, there has not even been a small sign that it will be substantiated. Along with increasing criticism from fans about the lack of interviews and other extra content that have seemingly been replaced by commercials, the tournament is shaping up to be the least entertaining in The Summit’s young history.

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