The Summit Recap Day 3

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By Don Tam follow him on twitter @Don_Tam

Day 3 of The Summit proved to be a much more exciting day as there were a couple of 60 minute long games. Though the day began with two one-sided affairs, with EG and iG sweeping Rave and NoT Today respectively, Rave did manage to put up a respectable fight in game 2. If it were not for some costly mistakes, Rave would have run away with an early lead, but the experienced EG squad managed to hold it together and take the victory.


EG went on to face C9, who summarily dismantled them on day 1 in two lopsided games. With EG coming off a troublesome game against Rave, it looked like it could be a repeat of the results from day 1. However, PPD was prepared for C9’s favoured Chen pick and drafted an unusual jungling Keeper of the Light that farmed the fastest Aghanim’s Scepter in history on the way to dominant victory. Game two was a heavily contested affair and it became the first game to surpass 35 minutes at The Summit 3. C9 managed to overcome an early deficit and EG’s greedy three core draft to bring the series to a game three - also a first for the tournament. However, C9 crumbled in game 3 with an offlane Zeus that became a personal trust fund for Fear’s Lina. A spectacular day 1 was erased as C9 made their exit from the tournament.


Next up was a matchup between two of the best teams in China, iG and LGD. They had not met in the group stages, but all the experts expected a close match. The first game was a disappointing 20 minute train wreck in favour of LGD. However, the second game was the type of match that the experts were expecting and viewers were anticipating as it took LGD just under an hour to break the backs and hearts of the iG squad.


With Rave, NoT Today, C9, and EG knocked out of the tournament, the double elimination playoff brackets will see Team Secret face off against EG and VG taking on LGD on day 4. The elimination of teams also means that they can cast games and bring the player focus and entertainment quality that fans have come to expect from The Summit tournaments. Whether this will quell the criticism from fans remains to be seen.


Watch day 4 of The Summit at or purchase an in-game ticket from the Dota 2 store.


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